The Secret To How I Built My Systems

Let’s DO THIS!

We’re on a roll with this systems series … and today I’ve got another good one for you.

Here’s the current running series in case you missed anything:

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I’m going to share a secret on how I ended up with all of our systems documented and organized in my fitness business.

When my clients go through my systems coaching program and see all of the detailed systems in there, most of them assume that I put them all together myself.

And they’d be WRONG!

My brain is probably wired just like yours …

And just the thought of sitting behind a computer for hours drafting out systems and processes makes me want to pull my hair out.

The good news is that it’s a LOT easier than you think … and you do NOT have to waste hours on end tediously documenting the ins and outs of your biz.

And the other good news is that you actually don’t have to skip a beat when you document your systems!

Here’s how I did it:

Way #1: Since most of the things you do in your business never happen just once, simply record yourself doing it the next time you do it!

Use Loom, set up a camera, or record your audio. It doesn’t matter if you’re on a sales call, updating a membership, following up with a lead, or creating an image in Canva.

Whatever you do, just record it. Then, whip out that handy dandy Systems Checklist (from #1 above) and add it there to keep it organized! (Tip: I create Google Folders to keep all of the systems resources organized.)

If it’s Loom or audio, you can shoot it over to Rev.com and have it transcribed (so you have a written version) for just 25 cents a minute!

Sounds simple, right? It is!

Way #2: This one is even easier. I’d sit next to my ninja assistant Adrienne and walk through the process step-by-step as she writes it all down.

We’d also record the whole thing on Zoom/video so we’d have that as a resource, too.

Then, she’d whip that up into a beautiful and organized doc (+ link to the video) and add it to our systems folder.

Simple and easy, right?


And neither of these ways takes up a lot of extra time.

Once the systems are documented, you just manage and update them as you go. You’ll be able to identify right away if something isn’t working, or if something can be done better.

It’s all about keeping things as streamlined as possible.

This is the REAL key to being able to grow and scale.

With systems, you’ll be able to delegate with a snap.

Other than mindset (KEY!) … having solid systems is one of the biggest things that hold people back from reaching their goals.

They keep getting “stuck” and can’t seem to get off the hamster wheel.

But now you know the secret … and that it’s a lot easier than you think!

What are you working on TODAY that you can record!?

I’m sure there’s something on your list 🙂

And if you want to ride in the fast lane and tap into my personal systems and resources to speed up implementation, book a call to learn more about my coaching program here <<

Keep up the amazingness,

Alicia 🙂

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