My Top 5 Systems For Leverage ….

I get a lot of emails from people asking which “systems” are the most important.

Which ones create the most leverage and make the most impact?

Well, there’s a pretty clear Top 5, and we’ll get into that below!

My new systems series is starting to stack up! Here are the most recent posts in case you missed anything…

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And lots more coming 🙂

So let’s get into the TOP 5 Systems that’ll create the MOST impact in your biz…

and one of them may actually surprise you.

Which one should you start with?

That depends.

Which one do YOU need the most?

Some businesses may be ninja with leads and sales, but drop the ball with client fulfillment.

Some may be incredible at taking care of their clients but have no idea how to get their next one in the door.

Some may be drowning because of a lack of focus and they’re all over the place.

There are so many possibilities, and it really comes down to being honest with yourself about where you are and what you really need.

Here’s my TOP 5 LIST of Systems that I believe will create the most IMPACT and LEVERAGE:

My list below has the broader “categories” of systems. If you want the breakdown, pull up the checklist to pinpoint the exact one you need the most. (If you don’t have the checklist from above, just email Support @ FitProEssentials.com if you want a copy.)

1. Vision, Planning, & Productivity Systems. If you don’t have clarity about where your business is going (specific goals) and you don’t have a framework to manage your priorities, then you’re setting yourself up for a major lack of focus (and stress) and will end up being pulled in a million directions.

2. Client Fulfillment Systems. If you can’t take care of your existing clients, then you have no business trying to get your next one. But I know that’s NOT you … you take care of your clients and strive to overdeliver! Working on systemizing your onboarding and client retention will allow you to grow and scale WHILE maintaining the integrity of your program.

3. Marketing & Conversion Systems. You know the drill. It’s how you generate a steady flow of qualified leads … and then how your consistently turn those leads into CLIENTS. You’re not shooting from the hip each month or throwing spaghetti against the wall to see what sticks – you have an actual plan and strategy in place.

4. Operational Systems. This is where the magic happens! It’s how all of the moving parts work together. It’s how you manage what’s going on INSIDE your business every single day. This is what makes the wheel turn.

5. Content Creation Systems. This is how you’re adding value to and connecting with your community. This category bleeds into your Marketing & Conversion Systems, but should be treated differently. It’s how you want to SHOW UP in your market. It’s the value you share in your Facebook groups, on your social profiles, in your emails to your list, etc.

Nail those 5, and you’ll be in a really good place, my friend.

But don’t try to do them all at once. Take a few minutes and reflect on where YOU have the biggest gap and what you need to focus on first.

If you’re serious about building systems in your business and want to tap into my personal resources to speed up implementation, book a call to learn more about my coaching program here <<

Keep up the amazingness!

Alicia 🙂

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