Your March Business Building Checklist

March can be an amazing time of GROWTH for your business.

There’s a change of seasons … and your prospects and clients are also primed to make changes in their own life.

It’s up to you to be READY to make the most of all that energy and guide them in the right direction!

I’ve got you covered with my March Business Building Checklist below…

But first: I’ve been talking a lot about systems because not only do they boost profitability and efficiency, but they give you your TIME back.

Creating an updated monthly plan to grow your business falls under the systems umbrella.

It means that NEXT YEAR at this same time, you’ll have your basic March plan already in place!

All you’ll have to do is update it to reflect your goals and any changes in the market.

Note: If you suffer from “squirrel” syndrome – wanting to do EVERYTHING, all at once, pick ONE thing on the list below that will make the most impact on your business.

Then, set a timer for 50 minutes, FOCUS on it (and nothing else!), and get it done!



  • Review Your Goals: Make sure you review your goals at least MONTHLY to see if you’re on-track/off-track. You’ll be able to make better decisions once you assess.
  • ADJUST YOUR PLAN: This is in all caps because it’s a biggie. If you’re not on track, WHAT do you need to do differently to get yourself back on track?
  • Time Block. Schedule all your meetings, focus & planning time, work blocks, family/personal obligations, etc. (Personally, I put my FAMILY/PERSONAL stuff in my calendar first. This includes my workouts, meditation, personal growth, date night, etc. If I don’t do this, business will take over my calendar.)
  • Work ON Your Business. While you’re time blocking, set aside at least an hour every day on your business (vs “in” your business working with clients, etc.). Ideally, you’ll also block off this time when you’re the most productive (when your brain works the best).
  • The ONE Thing: I also like to ask myself each month- “What’s ONE thing I need to delegate/eliminate/automate next month?” Then I do what I need to do to make that happen.


  • Your March Theme. You need your messaging, content, and marketing all to align. When you create your theme, this will help you bring everything together in an actionable way. An example would “Spring Into Fitness” and the focus could be simple and effective strategies that get real results.
  • Promotion / Front-End-Offer. Hopefully by now you’ve got your front-end-offer or promo dialed in for March. If you don’t, decide on one ASAP. Your warm and cold traffic will likely need a different flow to sign-up for your offer. For example – if you’re running a 10-Day Detox for Spring, you may be able to send warm traffic directly to a landing page to sign-up. For people who don’t know you yet, you may have to create some content, and then retarget people who consume your content with your offer.
  • Marketing. Get your marketing strategy dialed in + materials prepped… social media content, paid ads, marketing emails, and everything you need ready to go! This includes INTERNAL + EXTERNAL. In addition to your regular promo, are you running a referral program? Are you reactivating past clients? This also includes ASCENDING your current clients into higher levels of your program (if you have them).
  • Testimonials + Reviews. What is your March strategy to reach your monthly goal amount of new video testimonials and reviews? Have your benchmarks created and get your plan in place!


  • Create Your Content PLAN. Now that you have your theme, you’ll map out your entire content strategy. You need to know what content you’re posting where and when. And don’t forget the WHY – that’s the most important part. Every piece of content needs to have a purpose. (I’m talking about email, Facebook page, Insta, group, blog, etc).
  • Create Your Content. Block off a chunk (or more!) of time to write/create and edit your content ahead of time. This is called “batching” and it helps you focus on one thing at a time, improving your efficiency and productivity. You can do this a week ahead of time … or even better, for the whole month.
  • Schedule your content. It feels AH-mazing to have your content loaded and scheduled for weeks in advance.
  • NINJA TIP: If you want the shortcut, I’ve done ALL of this and more already FOR you with the fresh content we create each month for fitness & health pros. You can check it all out over here: The Content & Social Media Club


  • Keep In Touch System. Continue to keep in touch with past clients to keep a solid relationship with them.
  • St. Patrick’s Day: Have everyone wear green for the workout, make it fun, or do something to celebrate!
  • Charity Event: Offer a themed workout or event to raise money for charity either online or in-person.


  • Team Meetings. Regular meetings keep the team all on the same page and feel more connected. Share wins, celebrate successes, discuss challenges, talk about your goals and important upcoming events for the business, etc. Whatever you do, make sure you have an agenda and stick to the plan. Weekly is ideal.
  • Team Growth: What are you doing to help develop the mindset and skill set of your team members?
  • Team Appreciation: Are you doing anything special in March to show your appreciation? Handwritten cards? Small surprise gift? Random appreciation text?
  • TRUST. Trust your team to do their job. Yet another reason to make sure your systems are tight. And remember if you need help building systems– that’s my specialty.

I hope this list helps get you more organized and geared up for a SUCCESSFUL March!

Make it an AMAZING day,

Alicia 🙂

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