How To Revive A Dead FB Group

Once upon a time, maybe you had a Facebook group you were fired up about.

And maybe, even though you’re not super active in there anymore…

You don’t want to close the group and let all the work you did building it go to waste.

If you can relate, there are a few tried and true strategies to help bring your Facebook group back from the dead …

So you don’t miss out on new business this holiday season and New Year!

These aren’t in any particular order, so let’s get into it…

1. The new @everyone tagging option. Do you have it yet? If you don’t, chances are that you’ve seen it because you’ve probably been obnoxiously tagged by group owners who are overusing it. Don’t be “that guy.”

Use it on your MOST important content that’ll pack the biggest bang for your buck. This will get more eyes on your content because each person in your group will get a notification.

And if you 1-2 punch this with the next strategy, you should see a pretty big bump in engagement. (And if you don’t have this feature yet, hang tight… hopefully you’ll have it soon!)

2. The “Golden Carrot” Post (GC). Each month in The Content Club, we create a GC that’s basically a “who wants it” kind of post. These work REALLY well with high-value content that your ideal clients would want to get their hands on!

Here’s an example straight from The Club to give you an idea…

It’s short but SUPER powerful … and you can use it to overdeliver, show that you’re an expert in your field, and spark conversations with your ideal clients.

3. Giveaways and challenges. You already know how much I love these! In fact, I just ran one a couple of weeks ago in our FBFF group and had over 350 comments in just a few days.

For a challenge, you can have your group focus on ONE action. For example, eating a veggie with each meal that week … and in order to participate, they have to take a pic of a meal with a veggie in it and share it.

Or you can have them enter a giveaway where they have to share a pic from their phone, a fave recipe, an inspiring quote, etc. The list is endless.

People love to participate and engage in these kinds of posts … so get creative with it and have fun!

4. Run a poll. If your group hasn’t been active in a while, a poll is an easy way to get the ball rolling again.

Don’t ask for any kind of commitment … rather just start getting them excited and curious … and have them VOTE for the good stuff!

Here’s an example:

“Hey Everyone! I know I’ve been quiet in here lately, but that’s because I’ve been working hard behind the scenes on something REALLY exciting.

I’ve been creating fresh content to help our clients X, Y, and Z without the ____ (e:s stress) / or in less time. Want me to share some of these same strategies right here in this group to help you do this too?”

→ Yes, I’m interested! Or Nope, not interested!

Your group members will start raising their hands letting you know they’re still interested and want to engage. And, if you tag some of your most active members or people will be likely to vote, you’ll get even more juice on the post.

5. Boost the visibility OUTSIDE of Facebook! To pick up fast traction on a post or live video you’ve got coming up in your group ….

Email your list with the details to get them excited and guide them to head over to the post so they can check everything out and participate!

I do this all the time with my most valuable posts and trainings that I don’t want people to miss.
Plus because of all the traffic the post gets, the algorithm ranks the content higher so Facebook will probably end up showing it to more people.

6. Repurpose old posts that performed well

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel, and odds are, no one remembers some of your best-performing posts (or the algorithm never showed it to them in the first place).

To repurpose, look at your best posts and recreate them with a new angle, or word them differently to create “like new” content in a pinch.

And finally: it’s up to you whether or not you want to acknowledge your absence.

It’s more than okay to just start posting regularly again without making a big announcement or apology. What matters is that you’re back with a ton of great value!

If you want more guidance on growing and engaging your community, keep an eye out for my posts because that’s what we’re focusing on this month 🙂

Make it an amazing day,


P.S. With ad costs getting higher during the holiday season, this is the PERFECT time to lean into the existing communities you’ve built — whether they’re on Facebook or elsewhere. It might take a little extra time to plan your content up front, but it’s so worth it!

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