3 Tips For Growing Your Online Community

If you’d LOVE to…

👉 Fill up new offers before you even run ads to them

👉 Wake up to leads asking how they can work with you

👉 And skyrocket client retention without adding more and more work to your plate

Then you NEED to be growing your online community!

Whether it’s a Facebook group, MightyNetworks, LinkedIn, a custom platform, or whatever you use, growing your online community is absolutely still one of the best ways to keep your lead pipeline full and your current clients engaged.

If your community’s growth has been stagnant lately or you’re ready to start growing your community from the ground up, here are a few tips on how to do it right:

1. Offer a value-packed bonus for joining your group

Although you and I know that your community is awesome, people need an urgent reason to join.

Instead of running ads or emails simply asking people to “join the group” … let people know they’ll get a sweet bonus like a free recipe pack, a helpful workbook or checklist, or a “grab bag” of resources.

In my own Facebook group, we offer everyone an exclusive “Welcome Kit” full of my best freebies and resources as soon as they join as a bonus incentive! (It’s filled with swipes, checklists, a calculator, and exclusive discounts.)

2. Make your community content exclusive

One of the biggest mistakes people make is posting the same content in their private online community as they do on their public social media profiles.

Instead, save your best stuff for your group members! Exclusivity gives people a reason to stay so you’re not just replacing lost members every time add new people to the group.

3. Link to your community everywhere!

If it isn’t already, put the link to join your free online community in your email signature, social media bios, on your website, in your lead magnets, and anywhere else you have a signature or a spot to link out.

Plus, when you DO post on social media, be sure to pepper in mentions of your group into your organic content when it makes sense.

Your group won’t grow if people don’t know about it!

How many of these are you already doing? Which one will you put into practice this week? Let me know your thoughts!

Make today amazing,

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