6 Types Of Content To Post In Your FB Group

Did you know that 50% of users belong to FIVE or more Facebook groups?!

Although it’s amazing that so many people are in multiple groups, it also means YOUR group content has to stand out to compete.

Not surprisingly, this is where most business owners get stuck.

The thing is, Facebook GROUP content is very different from Facebook PAGE content.

The biggest difference is that Facebook GROUP content should feel more valuable, more exclusive … and work harder to convert leads into clients.

And if you’re using it as a client retention tool … your content should be crafted to keep current clients connected, engaged, and focused on their goals.

On the other hand, Facebook PAGE content attracts new leads and gets them curious about what offers and resources they might find further down your funnel (like in your group).

Here are a few types of content that work BEST for engaging your Facebook group members:

1. Valuable Content (Lives, Videos, & Posts): Inspire your members and show them what’s possible! Help your group members achieve small wins and boost their confidence to take that next step forward. These could be tips, strategies, recipes, busting myths, or little-known facts your audience needs to know! (And if it’s a free group, you want to share more of the “what” than the “how!”)

2. Wins & Testimonials: Posting testimonials don’t just build your credibility — it also boosts group morale! People can’t help but picture themselves in your client success stories, especially when you share in detail what the client was struggling with before your solution and the transformation that took place.

3. Personal/Behind-the-Scenes Posts: You may think your members are only in your group for the value, but they want to get to know YOU, too! Some of my highest-performing posts are the ones where I’ve shared my own personal struggles, wins, and epiphanies.

4. Fun Posts: Your group doesn’t have to be ALL business ALL the time. Throwing in a meme, a fun poll, inspirational quotes, or a community-building post like this one once in a while keeps things fresh and fosters a real connection!

5. Content Series: Since “series” implies “there’s more to come”… these can be a great way to encourage members to keep engaging with the group. Pick a topic in your niche and break it down into 3, 4, or even 5 different posts to keep the info bite-sized and build anticipation for each new post.

6. Mini-Challenges: These Facebook group-exclusives work WONDERS to fire up a sleepy community. Pick a small, achievable goal for your group to work towards together and spend a week (or a weekend!) getting after it!

I highly recommend you mix and match these posts about 80-90% of the time, and spend the other 10-20% talking about your offers and selling.

If people are enjoying your group, you’ll end up getting people asking you about your coaching program and offers anyway!

So have fun with it, and don’t forget to block off content creation time on your calendar 🤩

Make it an amazing day,

P.S. If you’re looking at this list wondering how you’re going to create ALL this content on your own, don’t worry. There’s something amazing coming toward the end of the month!

P.S.S. If you missed my last post about how to REVIVE a dead Facebook group and bring it back to life, you can read my 6 favorite strategies over here <<

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