Client Gift Ideas Coming In Hot!

I probably don’t have to tell you that client gifts are an EASY way to increase retention…

But in case you needed a little reminder (or some motivation to hit the stores this time of year) …

Gifts are also a great way to stay top of mind and make clients feel valued.

Need some ideas to wow your tribe?

Here are some AWESOME, tried-and-true gift ideas that work for any budget:


  • Reusable cups with company logos & straw
  • Christmas ornaments (add theme & logo)
  • Branded shaker bottle
  • Branded sweat towel
  • Branded keychain
  • Branded kettlebell keyring
  • Branded sticker sheet of motivation/inspiration
  • Branded scarves
  • Motivational bracelets
  • Branded exercise bands


  • Gift cards from other small business
  • Local honey
  • Tea blends
  • Spice blends
  • Bath salts
  • Candles
  • Essential oils (spray, oils, roller blends), personalized
  • Soaps
  • Local jams & jellies
  • Local foods/canned goods
  • Local basket giveaway


  • Handwritten cards and a donation to a charity of their choosing
  • 25 Good deeds in 25 days
  • Donate to a charity that focuses on health/fitness and empowerment of girls/women in honor of clients


  • Printed Holiday Recipe Book
  • Worry-Free Tea
  • Healthy Cookies
  • Carnivore Snax
  • Protein bars
  • Recipe journal, add one that you think they would personally enjoy
  • Hassle-Free Holiday Hosting meal planner
  • Maria Emmerich cookbooks

And if these weren’t enough, we have a huge list of ideas that we put together last year.

Check out the GIANT list of budget-friendly holiday gifts for clients here <<

We’re getting down to the wire, so be sure to order your holiday gifts this week before it’s too late!

Make today amazing,

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