The BIGGEST Profit-Destroying Black Friday Mistake…

With Black Friday right around the corner …

It’s time to talk about one of the BIGGEST profit-destroying mistakes you can make:

👉 Offering steep, paid-in-full discounts.

Here’s why…

Besides hurting your bottom line, if you have a hard time managing your cash flow …

It’s WAY too easy to blow the money you make from discounted paid-in-fulls upfront.

You WANT recurring monthly revenue.

And getting too many people into a discounted paid-in-full (PIF) agreement for Black Friday eats into those ongoing profits.

And, while you’re busy fulfilling those discounted long-term contracts next year, you’re taking time away from working with people who would happily pay MORE to work with you!

Instead, if you want to offer paid-in-full discounts on your services, limit the number of spots and don’t OVER-discount. I generally recommend about 10% tops.

Even better?

Instead of going the “discount” route, think about offering extra bonuses or swag to sweeten the deal!

Some cool bonuses to offer INSTEAD of a discount on your PIFs could be:

  • A complimentary New Year Challenge
  • A supplement bundle
  • A VIP card with exclusive discounts throughout the year
  • An upgrade to their existing membership level
  • Access to any self-paced programs or resources you have available
  • A Fitbit

Or anything else that’s low cost for you … but a high-perceived value for them.

Bottom Line: a great Black Friday promo should boost your revenue now AND set you up for a more successful 2023!

You don’t have to choose one or the other 🙂

Make today amazing,


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