Holiday Client Gift Giving Ideas!

We all love our clients and want to show our clients how much we appreciate them.

I asked our Fitness Business Freedom Formula members to share some of their BEST client gift-giving ideas, because one of the most common questions we get over the holiday season is ….

“What should I get my clients for the holidays?”

And they really hit it out of the park!

With all of the great suggestions we’ve got for you below, you’ll never run out of gift ideas again!

You’ll see ideas for every budget large and small. 

Hope this makes your holiday gift-giving a little easier this year!

Branded Items:

  • Reusable cups with company logos and straw
  • Christmas ornaments (add theme and logo)
  • Branded shaker bottle
  • Branded sweat towel
  • Branded keychain
  • Branded kettlebell keyring
  • Branded sticker sheet of motivation, empowerment
  • Branded headbands
  • Branded scarves
  • Motivational bracelets
  • Branded booty bands
  • Skipping rope
  • Studio shirts/tanks
  • Eye mask
  • Branded socks
  • Branded lacrosse ball
  • Starbucks-style plastic cup with logo filled with Epsom salts, mixed w/ variety of essential oils, and add a scrubby bath pouf in the top
  • Laser engraved cutting boards
  • Insulated metal water bottle laser-etched with #commit2change plus a silicone wristband around so they can move it up or down to show water intake
  • Cooling towel
  • Branded hoodies
  • Branded compression fun knee socks
  • Pens (for journals)
  • Bento box
  • Canvas bag
  • Branded hug in a mug with treats and affirmation cards

Local Love:

  • Support local businesses and get gifts from them!
  • Gift vouchers from other small business
  • Local honey
  • Tea blends
  • Spice blends
  • Bath salts
  • Candles
  • Essential oils, personalized, essential oil spray, roller blends
  • Soaps
  • Local jams and jellies
  • Local foods/ canned goods
  • Local basket give away
  • Sample size kombucha (refrigerated) elderberry, local honey sticks


  • Handwritten cards and a donation to a charity of their choosing
  • 25 Good deeds in 25 days
  • Donated to a charity that focuses on health/fitness and empowerment of girls/women in honor of clients


  • Keto Holiday Recipe E-book/ make it into a contest and get gear incentive
  • Worry-Free Tea
  • Halloween Recipe Book
  • Pudding Recipe Book
  • Healthy Cookies
  • Carnivore Snax
  • Protein bars
  • Blank recipe book, add one that your think they would personally enjoy
  • Hassle-Free Holiday Hosting meal planner
  • Maria Emmerich cookbooks
  • Recipe packet of recipes by Alicia
  • Healthy Holiday Drinks
  • Custom BBQ spices
  • Microwaveable rice bags
  • Protein bites
  • Pumpkin energy balls
  • A plate of holiday treats along with the recipes
  • Jugs of favorite protein powder
  • Homemade edible gifts- popcorn chicken mix, crockpot spiced nuts
  • Measuring cup and spoon sets for easy measuring of ingredients
  • Portable Blender

Made with Thoughts & Love:

  • Homemade Body Scrub
  • Bracelets made out of t-shirt yarn (studio colors) but added STRENGTH charms
  • Christmas bulbs for each member
  • Homemade vanilla extract
  • Handmade cards, with a QR code to claim a free gift
  • Handmade card
  • Personalized goal cards
  • Journal with words of encouragement
  • A handwritten note and wooden heart with how many pounds they lost in the program burnt in
  • Personalized welcome mats
  • Handmade pouches with lavender incensed sea salt to relax and detox tea for cleansing and calm
  • Handmade gemstone bracelet with motivational charm
  • 3-day personalized wellness packs with supplements 
  • Magnet yearly calendar and a photo card with the entire team
  • A small bottle of homemade magnesium spray with lavender and the recipe to make it

Items to Gift/ Basket Ideas:

  • Gratitude Journals
  • Recovery Item Basket-body scrub, lotions, bubble baths, foam roller, add ZOX bracelet.
  • Photoshoot for a client who does the best in a challenge.
  • Gift basket or Boxes: Studio Shirt, GC for a new class, trial membership, Essential Oils or Crystals
  • A Spiralizer and Recipes
  • Personal Developmental Books
  • GC for facials
  • Whiteboard to retire daily affirmations
  • 5-minute journal
  • Full focus planner
  • Gift card for coffee
  • Gift cardfor massages
  • Work out journals
  • Lava Bracelet
  • Foam roller with green stretch band wrapped in a bow around the roller
  • Whipped body butter
  • Bowls and Koozies
  • Fitbit
  • For kids- pencils and rubber bracelets
  • Yoga mats
  • Hyper ice recovery products
  • Small journals that were made by the owner that has their own quirky messages.
  • Pouches with inspirational quotes
  • Subscription to a meditation app
  • Herbal shower gel/ bubble bath
  • Herbal bath tea
  • Bath bombs
  • Affirmation Mug
  • Engraved spoon “make it right with the very next bite”
  • Reusable produce bags
  • Nike Pocket Arm Band Plus
  • Skinny silk hair ties
  • Brightly colored tapered thermal mugs
  • Curated self-care kit- anti-inflammatory lifestyle
  • Keto mini waffle maker
  • Doterra Athlete kit with oils for recovery and energy
  • Fitlosophy planners
  • Stress Ball
  • Eye pillow
  • Gift card to local juice bars
  • Travel booklet of exercises
  • Calendar with words of encouragement
  • Pregnant Mom ” mom’s kettlebell” onesie
  • Project/training wall calendar
  • Gift certificates for discounts on float therapy, coupons for local paint splatter venues, discounts on acupuncture.
  • Car diffuser
  • Extra virgin oil ornamental glass bottle
  • Waterproof motivational stickers
  • Journals with the client’s name
  • Local gift card for dinner or services long term
  • Massage ball
  • Clients with pets, socks with a picture of their pet on it
  • Hyacinth bulb in a jar
  • Personalized grocery list pads / large spot for fresh produce, medium for healthy proteins, and smaller spots for a few treats
  • Emergency first aid kit branded for their car
  • Fragranced wax melts
  • Camomile and peppermint teas
  • Themed baskets
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Fleece-lined hats
  • Fitness detergent
  • Audible subscription
  • Custom sofa pillow from Vistaprint
  • Chocolate baskets from a local shop
  • Lembert EQ bars for VIP clients
  • Affirmation necklace
  • GoodnessME Box (monthly subscription)

Pouring Back Into Your Business:

  • 1 on 1 Coaching Call
  • One month free of Virtual Workouts
  • Free Coaching
  • Discount Coupon for Coaching programs
  • Holiday Party / Potluck Celebration
  • 30-minute strategy session/goal-mapping call for the New Year
  • Coupons in holiday gift bags
  • Free enrollment in Whole30 program for Emotional Eaters
  • 5-day mobility challenge
  • 50% off t-shirt coupon from their shop along with 2 $100 GC to give to friends
  • Holiday-themed workouts
  • Breathe coaching course
  • 4 sessions over 4 weeks to help reduce stress and improve sleep, digestion, and overall energy


  • Memento Mori
  • Crystals
  • Guided personalized hypnosis audio

Tech Gifts:

  • Bluetooth speaker
  • Bamako headphones
  • Leather mouse pad
  • Blue light glasses
  • Portable charger
  • Private zoom featuring a chef preparing the recipient favorite meal

Hope you find this list helpful. 🙂

If you have any ideas you’d like us to add, let us know! 

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