Thanksgiving Ideas For Your Facebook Group!

Happy Sunday! Exciting News…

I’ve been getting a bunch of people reaching out asking:

“Will I be releasing a 2019 edition of Facebook Group & Email Content this year?!”

and the answer is…

YES, ABSOLUTELY!!!! Tuesday, December 4th is the official launch date. (…and this year, there’s an extra-special twist that I’m SO EXCITED about!)

Make sure you mark your calendars because as always, there will be killer bonuses for the first group of people who pick up my program!

Speaking of Facebook Groups, I wanted to share a few GREAT ideas that’ll boost engagement… all courtesy of Thanksgiving!

Keeping the excitement up in your group is super important… especially if you plan to offer Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals.

Rather than popping in just to sell them things, it’s good business to also share content that adds VALUE, creates COMMUNITY and encourages FUN ENGAGEMENT.

This way, you’ll have more goodwill built up, they’ll know you care about them, and they’ll be more receptive when it comes time to make your offer!

7 Engagement-Boosting Ideas for Your Facebook Group for Thanksgiving Week:

HOST A RECIPE SWAP: Encourage your group members to share their favorite family holiday recipes. Share one or two of your own to get things started!

OFFER COOKING TIPS: Post some healthy swaps or nutrition tips to make classic favorites even healthier.

DO A LIVE VIDEO: Film a cooking demo, show examples of portion sizes, demonstrate some “eat this-not that” tips … whatever makes sense for you and your clients.

CREATE A FITNESS CHALLENGE: Offer up a workout challenge they can do at home and have them post a pic showing them during or after the workout! Then, hold a drawing among participants for a giveaway.

RANDOM DRAWING: Offer a giveaway or random drawing for a low-cost service, like a fitness assessment, 15-minute consultation, etc. To enter the contest, they have to comment on the post.

GRATITUDE POST: Create a “what are you thankful for” graphic and encourage members to post what THEY are most grateful for. Again, you can get the ball rolling by listing some of the things you are most thankful for.

LIST-BUILDING CONTENT GIVEAWAY: Create an opt-in with education/tips (healthy snacks, workout tips, holiday drink ideas, etc.) and offer it to them as a free gift! You can send them to a landing page (in exchange for their email address, of course!) or give it as a free download from your group’s Files tab.

Basically, the idea is to keep the excitement going as much as possible this week – which is super important as we head into the holiday season where some of your clients may lose focus!

Remember: the more you can get scheduled ahead of time (not including the live video, if you plan to do one!), the better.

YOU deserve a little downtime over the holiday, too!

Hope you’re having an AMAZING day!

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