6 Ways To Use Our FB Group Content

If you’re new here, you might not have known before last week’s giveaway that every year, I release an entire YEAR’s worth of Facebook group content you can copy and paste into your OWN group.

But even if you’re one of the many health and fitness pros who set their alarm for 6 am ET every single year to grab the content system…

You might not realize how much MORE you can do with that content!

This year’s BRAND NEW 2023 Facebook Group Content is dropping early next week…

So whether you’re new to our community or you’ve been grabbing the bundle since 2012, here are a few creative ways you can use the content that you might not have thought of:

  1. Start a Paid Online Membership: How amazing would it be to have monthly recurring revenue from a membership program you DIDN’T need to create from scratch? You can easily rebrand the content and give your members access to new recipes, tips, and challenges every month! 
  2. Keep Clients Focused: Lots of online programs offer a private Facebook group or membership area, but that’s usually where it ends. Instead of letting your client group become a free-for-all … you can keep clients on track with a steady drip of high-value content.
  3. Build Your Audience With Challenges: The 2023 Community Content System comes with 52 done-for-you mini-challenges that you can use INDIVIDUALLY if you choose! You can host the challenges within your free FB group to drive more members there, drip challenges out via email to build your list, or even recreate the challenges on a custom platform.
  4. Support Your Coaching: Whether you coach on or offline, almost all of the content in the system can be used as a coaching tool. Maybe you’re a personal trainer who wants to give clients healthy recipes to accelerate their results, or a wellness coach who wants to offer mindset tips as a bonus — it’s all in the system for you to rebrand and use as you see fit!
  5. Nurture Your Free Facebook Group: Your free Facebook group is a great place to nurture and convert leads, but it takes time to create high-quality content that gets leads ready for the next step. With the 2023 Community Content System, ALL of that content is already done FOR you so you can actually focus on engaging and building relationships with your members.
  6. Email Newsletters: If you don’t have a group and don’t want one, we have PLENTY of health and fitness pros using our group content to nurture their email lists! You’ll have an ENTIRE year of value emails so you never have to come up with ideas or write from scratch.

That’s a lot of options!

If you know you want to nurture your audience or community but you’re struggling to carve out the time on your calendar…

This is for you.

The NEW 2023 Community Content System launches next Tuesday, November 29th at 6 am EST, so keep an eye out!

Make it an amazing day,

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