👀 3 Ways To Get More VISIBLE Online

“I don’t care if my ideal clients are following me on social media!”


… Said no one ever.

(Are people still saying that? Too cheesy? Too late!)

The thing is, NONE of us want to spend hours creating amazing social media posts just to see a big ol’ proverbial tumbleweed roll across our screen when we go to check our results.

The goal of social media is to get VISIBLE so our ideal clients can find us, right?!

Still, visibility is the biggest obstacle for most people trying to grow their audience online.

So… how do you fix that?

Here Are 3 Simple Ways to Get More Eyes on Your Social Media Content:

  1. Play the algorithm’s “game”Right now, Facebook and Instagram are making it abundantly clear that reels, carousels (on Instagram only), and your posts with the most engagement will get the most “air time” in front of NEW potential followers.That means…Focus on creating more reels, carousels, and engaging with the comments you get on your posts!If you want to grow quickly, focus on posting 3-4 reels per week on both platforms, and reply to comments with engaging questions (for instance, “have you ever cooked with turbinado before?” instead of “thank you” on a recipe post) so you keep the conversations going.Not only will all of that tell the algorithm you’re playing by its rules — you’ll also get WAY better at creating engaging content if you do it more often!
  2. Post at least 3-10 stories per dayI know that’s a wide range, but most social media experts will tell you 5-10 stories per day… and I know that even 5 stories can feel like a lot when you’re busy running a business!The reason it pays to post stories is that they get you in front of your EXISTING audience more often.Lots of people like to flip through stories rather than scroll their feed, so if you’re posting a few stories every day, you’re more likely to be seen. Plus, if people ENGAGE with your stories (like with a comment/reaction), the algorithm will move you up toward the front of their story queue the next time they sign in.
  3. Cast a WIDER net with your messagingVisibility content is all about “stopping the scroll” for as many people as possible. The best way to do that is with super shareable, relatable, or even funny content!Think about it…How many times have you seen a reel, meme, or post and went, “Omg that’s totally ME!” and then followed the person who posted it?That’s what you want to aim for.Save the in-depth “how to”s, details about your program, or more “advanced” content for your existing audience when you’re in a sales cycle or want to deepen your connections with your existing followers.

And there you have it!

We have a whole training inside of Content Club that talks about “visibility content” along with 3 other types of content you need to grow and convert your audience…

Plus, we give you fill-in-the-blank content templates to help you do it!

But, even if you start implementing these 3 tips, you SHOULD start to see an uptick in new growth.

Hope you found this helpful!

Make it an amazing day,

Alicia 🤩

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