🔑 The TRUE Purpose Of Your FB Biz Page

Ever feel like your Facebook business page is kinda… useless?

I get it.

Once upon a time, Facebook business pages were POPPIN’ 🎉

You’d get lots of followers, likes, comments, the whole shabang…

And now?

It’s mostly crickets.


  1. That doesn’t mean you’re “doing it wrong”And
  2. It also doesn’t mean that your Facebook Business page doesn’t matter — because it DOES!

What you need to know is that people DO still look at your Facebook business page…

But not necessarily to follow you or engage with your posts.

People look because:

  • They want to get a feel for you
  • They want to know the “lights are still on”
  • They want to see your reviews
  • And they want to see a consistent, credible presence that accurately reflects you and your brand!

In other words…

Your ideal clients are checking you out to make sure you’re legit.

So yes, KEEP POSTING on your Facebook business page.

👉 But if you want to get the MOST out of your business page, either pin a post to the top of your page to join your Facebook GROUP (where you’re more likely to get the engagement you’re looking for)…

Or, create a “cover” for your page (that big rectangular image at the top of your page) that showcases a link to your website, Facebook group, opt-in, or whatever makes the most sense for people to start their journey with you.

You can even leave a clickable link in your cover photo caption to lead people right to where you want them to go!

So, don’t give up on your Facebook business page…

But, DO reframe your perspective on what it’s truly meant for: a credibility checkpoint, a brand showcase, and a starting point for potential clients to take the next step.

(Oh, and of course, to run ads from it!)

Make it an amazing day,

Alicia 🤩

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