Umm… THREADS?! 🥴

Alright, it’s time to address the big virtual elephant in the room…

If you’ve been on Instagram at all over the last few weeks, you probably noticed a new feature called “Threads.”

Threads looks a lot like Twitter…

But it’s not Twitter…

And it’s not quite Instagram, either.

In fact, Threads has its OWN app that connects to Instagram, and you can share your Threads posts TO Instagram…

But if you want to post on Threads, you have to open up its special app.


Are you still with me?!


If you’ve made it this far, here’s what you need to know right now about threads:

  1. No one is a “Threads expert” yet
    Again, this app has only been out for a few WEEKS! We’re all learning – some faster than others – but anyone claiming to be an expert right now is… well… probably not.
  2. Threads content IS a lot like Twitter content!
    In other words, you can use them to post what you’re thinking, what you’re up to, bite-sized nuggets of wisdom, funny relatable content, and even repost other people’s threads.
  3. Threads gives your audience a more candid version of you
    Unlike your Instagram images and captions, Threads is VERY casual. You don’t need to overthink your posts – just share! (Keep it professional, obviously, but no need to go overboard with Canva graphics or big, long captions!)

If you haven’t tried Threads yet, you can find it in your “app store” on your phone (although it may not be available to everyone yet).

Make it an amazing day,

Alicia 🤩

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