10 Strategies To Level-Up Your Next Transformation Challenge

Ready to get more signups and revenue from your next transformation program or challenge?

Buckle up, because I’ve got some sweet next-level tips to boost your revenue AND help your clients get even better results!

These strategies are perfect for you if you’re running a transformation program or challenge (like my Plant-Based program just released last week!) because they’re PROVEN to help you:

  • Get more signups,
  • Boost your revenue when people sign up, and
  • Overdeliver so you can convert more of your participants to full-time members.

These tips definitely are next-level, which means if you’re about to offer your first-ever transformation challenge …

don’t put a ton of pressure on yourself to put these into action. (Unless you have a team to help you … or plenty of time to set things up ahead of time).

And if you’re a veteran running these kinds of programs … you’ll probably want to try experimenting with a 1-3 of these at a time so you know what works with your business/tribe and what doesn’t!

Time to get out those notepads and start brainstorming … let’s dive into the tips!

10 Strategies to Level-Up Your Next Transformation Challenge

***These strategies are a mix of revenue-builders, profit maximizers, and retention accelerators … and are in no particular order!

  1. Ask for the Referral RIGHT When Someone Signs Up. Sounds simple, but are you doing this? Remember: There’s power in numbers and having a buddy to do the challenge will help them both succeed!
  2. Create a Supplement or Equipment Upgrade. Add an option to upgrade their program with supplements or equipment that will accelerate their results during the program. Come up with a sexy name for the upgrade, like the “platinum edition” of the program.
  3. Offer a Coaching Upgrade that will give them personalized coaching and accountability check-ins. This coaching can be done in person, via Zoom, or whatever makes sense for your business.
  4. GIVE your Participant the Challenge for free if they sign up for a membership. I mentioned this recently in my conversion strategy post over here. Make sure the membership for a long enough period that it makes sense to do this financially.
  5. Award Mini-Goal Prizes. Example: if they attend 10 workouts during the 30-day program, they earn a T-shirt or hoodie. I broke down this strategy over here.
  6. Integrate BINGO Right Into the Program. Again, Alicia?! YES! It’s THAT GOOD! Watch the free training here.
  7. Hook Up With a Meal Delivery Service. Offer that as an upsell to go with your program, and make a commission (or at least snag some free food out of the deal)!
  8. Leverage Accountability Partners. Connect challengers/participants with each other for accountability. This will help them motivate each other and create more connection and community.
  9. Surprise Your Challengers with a card mailed to their home … or send some fun swag to help them feel appreciated and valued. Who doesn’t love a surprise gift or personal, handwritten note?
  10. Nail Your Check-Ins! Make sure you’re tracking your clients’ progress and hold them accountable to their goals. Obviously, this will help them stay on track and get better results… but it’ll also show how much you care about your clients and that you’re on your game. This will ABSOLUTELY help with conversions into membership on the back-end.

Well, that about covers it!

Start with ONE from the list to help you level up your next transformation program, and track the results! They may just change the game for you 🙂

I hope these strategies help you host your BEST transformation program yet.

Make it an amazing day,

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