8 Reasons You Haven’t Reached Your Goals Yet

I have been WAITING for May … because:

  1. It’s my 14-year anniversary with my hub – and I asked to go to Kennedy Space Center, and I am SO excited. I’ll take lots of pics! And….
  2. This month of content is going to be EPIC. I have some GREAT stuff planned for you.

In fact, this may just be some of the most important content I’ve ever written about.

Check out these stats:

  • One-third of new small businesses FAIL within the first two years – 20% of them within the very first year.
  • And by year 5, only about half are still in business! WOW.
  • The rate is even worse for startup fitness studios. According to the IHRSA, 81% of them close within a year. (I almost fell over when I saw that number, too!)

This isn’t even talking about what happened during 2020.

None of the business owners in those stats set out to fail.

So, why is the FAILURE rate so high?

Here are a few of the reasons why:

  1. Lack of knowledge
  2. Lack of a real strategy
  3. Lack of focus (got distracted, or allowed themselves to be pulled in different directions)
  4. Don’t have a strong enough “why” to push through when things get difficult
  5. Hidden beliefs (ex: fear of failure or success, believing you have to be “everything to everyone”, believing YOU have to do everything yourself, etc.)
  6. Got too comfortable or complacent
  7. Lack of resources (comes back to strategy – because you can overcome this with the right plan)

And while all of these are hugely important, there’s a BIG one that’s missing from this list.

And here it is: They’re focused on the WRONG THINGS.

When this happens, you:

  • get stuck doing every little thing in your business
  • start drowning in “busy work”
  • end up running in circles, never making any real progress
  • start experiencing anxiety
  • feel like you’re in a constant state of overwhelm and/or burn out

Learning how to create LEVERAGE is one of the most important things you can ever do in your business.

It’s where a HUGE majority of the people I talk to get stuck….

And THAT is why we’re going to do a deep dive into creating REAL leverage in your business (and life!) this month.

My goal is to help you identify YOUR “Top 5%” that’ll help you actually grow and scale …

so you can double down on activities where YOU create the most impact …

and spend more time doing what makes you HAPPY, keeps you feeling fulfilled, and inspires you to keep going!

This is one of the things I focus on with my coaching clients, and it’s incredible to see how everything starts to come together with a few simple shifts.

LOTS of great stuff to come this month, so stay tuned for more!

Make it an amazing day,


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