Top 20% Of Activities For Exponential Growth

I know SO many of you have been waiting for this post …

for a sample breakdown of what tasks could be in your top 1%, 4%, 20% … and bottom 80%.

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There’s a shocking fact about running your own business that goes against something most of us were taught.

You don’t get paid for how many hours you work.

Instead, you get paid for the VALUE you create.

Effort DOES NOT always equal reward.

Just as an example, spending 4 hours deciding what shade of blue looks better for your logo doesn’t get you paid. Neither does spending your weekend trying to fix a broken link on your website.

But connecting with a local chiropractor (or other service providers) to set up referrals does!

It’s your job to identify the specific tasks and activities that produce MORE results for your business.

The other day I sent out an email that had you do two exercises (if you haven’t read it yet, check it out here).

The goal is to do as many of those “Exercise 1” activities as possible … and delegate, automate, or eliminate the “Exercise 2” items.

And if you read my previous posts this month (links above), you’ll understand that you simply can NOT grow your business without understanding what’s in your Top 20%.

Ready for some examples?!

Before I dive in, I just want to give another shout-out to David Finkel for the inspiration for this content- his methods have been very influential in my life!

Note: these are just suggestions. Your mileage may vary.

Top 1% of activities that move your business forward.
These have the absolute highest exponential payoff.

  • Creating your vision/mission and making BIG strategic decisions
  • Creating high-value partnerships
  • Signing up a corporate wellness client (or another BIG client)
  • Creating a 90-day action plan with specific goals, deadlines, and activities
  • Speaking at a large workshop or event
  • Appearing as an expert on TV or a podcast

Top 4% of activities for your business.
These are things you LOVE doing and move your business forward … and also create exponential results.

  • Working ON your business
  • Creating and optimizing systems
  • Reviewing goals and metrics
  • Creating a marketing strategy and calendar
  • Dedicated time to build relationships and network
  • Growing, leading, and nurturing your team

Top 20% of activities for your business.
Activities you enjoy. These still have exponential payoffs, but not as high as the 1% and 4%.

  • Teaching the classes you WANT to teach – and working with clients you enjoy
  • Setting up a marketing campaign (if your monthly ads budget is less than $1,500)
  • Delegating tasks to your team (you’ll see these below in the 80%!)
  • Handling escalated client support
  • Building connections with clients & community
  • Limited, goal-oriented time on social media. Make this purposeful, not just scrolling.
  • Dedicated time for personal development

Bottom 80% of activities for your business.
These have very low leverage or limited payoffs.

  • These are most of the things you dread doing and leave you feeling unfulfilled.
  • Classes/Sessions you don’t want to coach
  • Following up with leads (because you can delegate this easily and it’s very time-consuming)
  • Checking your emails all day
  • Answering general customer service questions
  • Following up with failed payments
  • Scheduling your emails, blog posts, and social media content
  • Scheduling appointments/calls
  • Editing your website
  • Setting up a marketing campaign (if your monthly ads budget is more than $1,500)
  • Creating graphics
  • Client billing
  • Anything you can delegate for $10-$15 or less

You might notice some important things missing from the lists above … like writing and creating content, filming “how-to” videos, creating info products, designing workouts, etc.

You might LOVE those things … or hate them! And they might also depend on your niche/business model. Plug them in wherever they work for your business and your strengths.

Are these examples helping to give you some clarity?

Now it’s your turn …

Make a list of all YOUR activities and prioritize them into 1 of those 4 categories.

BTW, this assignment definitely falls in your top 20%. 🙂

We’re going to take this one step further and tie everything together so you can come up with your PLAN to create real change in your business.

For now, if you choose to accept your mission, start categorizing EVERYTHING you do into those 4 categories! (And this is the post that defines those categories even further.)

You up for the challenge?

Make it a productive day,


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