I Got Burned Badly By A Team Member …..

I have a funny story for you about my pup, Ryder. 

Every time I put on a certain pair of shoes (my old “retired” gym shoes), he thinks we are going to go for a W-A-L-K. (You have to spell it out or else he’ll go bananas.)

So the other day, I grabbed my gym shoes and laced them up. He looked sooooo disappointed.

In fact, he got up and walked out of the room to sulk in the living room because he thought it meant 1) that I was leaving to go work out and 2) he was staying home.

Which meant, obvi, no W-A-L-K.

Little did he know that I’d just replaced my “retired” gym shoes with a new-old pair and wasn’t heading to the gym at all. And that we were, in fact, heading out for a W-A-L-K.

He was SO EXCITED!!!!

I wanted to tell you this story because it’s cute but it also shows how our beliefs can get in our way.

The other day I wrote a couple of emails about limiting beliefs that listed 5 of the most common ones among fitness/health coaches. You can read it here <<

But that was just the tip of the iceberg.

Like Ryder, we can all start to take for granted that when X happens, Y inevitably follows. (Old shoes go on = W-A-L-K).

We never even question it because we aren’t open to the possibility of the belief being incorrect.

“If you accept a limiting belief, it will become a truth for you.” – Louise Hay

The limiting beliefs in today’s list go pretty deep … but I have a feeling at least 1-2 of them will ring true for you. They do for a lot of my coaching clients!

Limiting Beliefs that May Be Blocking You Growing Your Team:

1. “I can’t trust anyone.”

If you’ve been burned in the past by a team member, welcome to the club! It happens.

You can’t live in the past and let that baggage get in the way of your growth. Learn from it, put the necessary safeguards in place, but don’t let it affect your relationship with future team members.

Also keep this in mind: You’ll never give people the chance to step up and reach their full potential unless you challenge them to be their absolute BEST. And that starts with trusting them!

2. “Who would actually want to do this, anyway?”

If uploading content to social media sounds like nails on a chalkboard to you … or you dread tracking follow-ups … or updating your website makes you stressed out …

Trust me, there’s someone out there who LOVES that stuff (and who is great at it!) and who would jump at the chance to do it for you, even for just a couple hours a week.

Remember when you’re building your team, you can’t hire a bunch of people just like you! Find people who COMPLIMENT your strengths.

3. “I’ll lose my connection to my clients.”

This is probably the toughest limiting belief of all, because taking a step back from coaching is a really hard thing to do if you’ve never done it before.

If you do it the right way, you’ll absolutely stay connected … just in a slightly different way.

Do it gradually, and at a pace you feel good about. You can always drop in for a class, pop on a virtual live training, take a client out for coffee, or pick up the phone and call them!

4. “It has to be done perfectly before I can hand it off.”

You already know the quote …

Perfection is the enemy of progress. – Winston Churchill

Yes, you have to have clarity … but it definitely doesn’t have to be perfect. These are just lies we tell ourselves that get in the way of moving forward. You have to start somewhere – then just focus on making it better and better as you go.

5. “I feel GUILTY.”

Have you created a “habit” of feeling like you have to be busy ALL OF THE TIME.

Delegating does NOT make you a slacker. It makes you smart + strategic.

We’ve been sold the myth of the 24/7 hustle but let me tell you, this is NOT sustainable or healthy for anyone (or any business) in the long run.

Instead of feeling guilty- you should feel the OPPOSITE! Here’s why …

Delegation allows you to:

  • Expand your reach and impact
  • Employ other people
  • Enjoy well-deserved time off / be able to focus more time on your 20%
  • Show your team you’re confident in them and trust them
  • Give your team more of a sense of ownership
  • Grow as a leader

See how these limiting beliefs can creep up into our everyday decisions?

Once you identify the ones that ring true to YOU … you’ll be able to start correcting the course when you see them pop up.

It’s important to remember that YOU are the bottleneck in your business … and that your business will never grow further than you grow personally.

It doesn’t require you to be a completely different person – you just have to be self-aware and look at the bigger picture.

Then ask yourself – what would THE BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF do? 🙂

Make it an amazing day,


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