Want 7 Weeks Of Your Life Back?

Do you have a to-do list going for today? (This is not a trick question!)

How many things are on your list?

I’m going to take a wild guess and say there’s a LOT on there.

Fact: Back when I first started my fitness business, I used to feel SO PRODUCTIVE when I had a long list … and I felt even more so when I checked each item off of it.

For good reason – I WAS getting a lot done.

But even with all that “productivity” … it seemed like I NEVER had time to work on my bigger goals of growing my business.

When I wasn’t writing workouts, leading groups, or coaching clients, I made sure our Facebook group had content and was active … answered emails … checked on client billing issues … double-checked the equipment … and on and on!

You know the drill.

None of the items on my to-do list were a major time suck. Or were they?

  • The 30 minutes or so I spent every day on emails? That added up to 3 hours a week. Still not bad, but in a year that totals 156 hours.
  • The 45 minutes I spent on social media every day? That was almost 4 hours a week … or 195 hours during the year.
  • Even the 60-90 minutes I spent chasing down/resolving billing issues every week added up to over a week’s worth of work in a year!
  • Just those 3 things alone total around 385 hours a week … or more than 7 x 50-hour work weeks!!!!

If you have big goals you simply CANNOT get it all done by yourself. There are only so many hours in a day (or week, or year).

It took me a while to figure out what was going on in my business.

I realized that my “I’ll do it myself, it’ll only take a few minutes,” approach was actually costing me SO MUCH MORE.

This is why trying to “time manage” yourself out of these issues is a losing battle.

Time is finite and you can’t manage it.

But you CAN manage your priorities and activities.

The other day I emailed you and talked about the 64x RULE.

Well, something that is JUST as important as identifying activities that will 64x your growth … is coming up with a “STOP DOING LIST.”

These are things that fall into that 80% of activities – that although they are important – keep you STUCK.

Can you think of a few off the top of your head?

As you go about your day (and week, and month!) start a journal of everything you want to eventually delegate / automate / eliminate in your business.

Don’t worry about who you’re doing to delegate them to … or even how you’re going to be able to afford to pay someone to do them.

For now- just start getting your “STOP DOING LIST” together.

Are you game?

Follow the process – it works.

I made the leap myself, and I’ve helped countless others do the same thing in my coaching program.

Stay tuned: we’re about to get into the REALLY good stuff.

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Make it a productive day,


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