Your May Business Building Checklist

I have a thing for checking stuff off my list… how about you?

I don’t know why, but it’s one of my favorite things to do. It’s the small things in life, ya know!

If you love it as much as I do, I’ve got something special for you today to help you satisfy that need to check things off your list… it’s your May Business Building Checklist!

I am all about creating systems to keep things streamlined and simple. Systems help you stay organized, so there’s less wasted time and more deliberate and focused action.

Important note: There are quite a few items on the list below. Don’t let it overwhelm you if you have a lot of things on there to work on.

Use this list as jumping off point and focus on just ONE thing at a time – you’ll be amazed at the progress you make.

And, you’ll be even more amazed at the sense of relief you feel when you finally have all the loose ends in your business tied up.

OK, Let’s dive in…

One of the easiest ways to streamline your business is to first set a unifying theme for all your marketing, content, promos, or any workshops you offer.

That way, you’re not scrambling at the last minute trying to figure out what to write about and what to build.

If you haven’t checked out my FREE 2019 Quarter Two Planning Calendar, click here to check it out because I’ve loaded it up with ideas for you!

Ready to get going? Remember: you can add/modify this list to suit your business’s needs!



What’s your main objective for May? What’s your main offer? How are you building your audience and email list?

  • Transformation Programs. If you’re finishing up or kicking off any transformation challenges, finalize all your kickoff details OR make sure your challenge ends with all participants feeling amazing. How can you 10x their experience?
  • May Marketing Prep. Schedule all of your May marketing content. Create social media posts, email newsletters, ads, etc., and get them scheduled ASAP!
  • May List Building. Possible topics include How to Meal Prep or Meal Planning 101. Create some kind high-value content to giveaway in exchange for someone’s name and email address. (if you need help with this, check out my Content Club where I create them for you)
  • Monthly Client Reactivations. Contact former clients and get them back in for training. (Stay tuned for how to do this over the next week!)
  • Extra Credit: get going on your June content. Start thinking ahead to June/July: set a theme and start jotting down or saving any ideas for content you see online/in magazines, etc. The sooner you can get going on this, the more time you’ll have for other revenue-generating tasks!


  • Schedule time to work ON your business. Spend at least 60 minutes a day ON your business (vs “in” your business working with clients, etc.). Make this non-negotiable and try to set a time when you won’t be interrupted.
  • Systems. Each week, choose a single business system to update or build. You can work on this during one of your “on” the business time blocks each week. Stay focused on the system at-hand before moving on. If you need a list, you can check this out.
  • Keep a running list of system upgrades you want to make. This will keep you focused and moving forward instead of jumping from idea to idea. Finish up one task before moving to the next.
  • Time Block your schedule. While you’re scheduling time in your calendar to work on your business and with clients, block out time for your workouts, meals, and self-care along with family and personal obligations or anything else you know will happen. Be sure to include buffer time between tasks. Don’t overcommit yourself!


Multi-purpose as much of your content as you can! When you put out consistent and valuable content your PAID marketing will become WAY MORE EFFECTIVE.

When people know, love, and trust you…. and THEN they see your paid ads…. they will be a lot more likely to take action.

Depending on your business focus, you can create:

  • Inspirational stories.
  • Recipes/nutrition tips.
  • Motivation.
  • Latest research.
  • Facebook lives.
  • Viral videos, puzzles, etc!
  • (if you need help with all of this, I’ve got you covered)


  • If you’re local, head out to a mud run, obstacle course, or other fun race as a group! This is a perfect time of year to rally your members to participate in an event. It’s also great marketing for your business. Get everyone matching T-shirts or ball caps (or both) and hit the road!
  • Online trainers/coaches can set up a free online fitness challenge (think: daily workouts or other activity to get your participants fired up). Encourage them to share their progress on social media by creating a hashtag they can use.
  • Connect Offline. Drop by nearby businesses to say hi and/or introduce yourself if you haven’t already connected. This visit should be more about connection than making an immediate sale. (This should also be a regular practice.)
  • Connect Online. If you’re online, then reach out to a couple of other online business owners that you haven’t connected with yet, but have been wanting to!
  • Network. Find a networking or meetup group that gets you out from behind the computer and gives you face-to-face time with other business owners. Helpful hint: double-check to make sure the group isn’t all MLM-oriented and includes other kinds of local businesses.
  • Education / Fun. Keep your eye out for conferences to help you connect with other health and fitness business owners. Sometimes there are also great local events you can check out! These keep you motivated and moving forward.


  • Weekly, Bi-Weekly, or Monthly Team Meetings. If you don’t already have regular meetings with your team, set up a recurring one at least once a month. Keep the mood upbeat and positive so everyone leaves feeling fired up. You’ll cover important business happenings, and then you can move on to setting goals, skill development, or personal growth.
  • Professional Development. Each month offer your team a workshop on a topic that builds their skills. It can be on workout design, assessments, nutrition, sports training, mindset, etc. This is a huge morale booster! Even bigger boost: if you have a team member who specializes in an area, give them the reins to help lead it!
  • Delegate. Whenever it makes sense, show your trust by delegating tasks to your team members. Set them up for success by creating a system for those tasks, documenting it so they know what’s expected, and then train them to do it. And then let them have at it!

Hope you found this list helpful! 

Here’s to having a fun, productive and profitable May!

Alicia 🙂

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