How To Create Your ULTIMATE Dream Team…

Imagine being able to put together your business dream team.

You’d fill it with experts to handle all the time-consuming things you don’t love, so you can focus on the things you LOVE about your business…. and have more time with your family and friends.

How amazing would THAT be!?

You’d hire a great accountant, obviously. An amazing salesperson, someone to do the cleaning and maintenance, and let’s not forget about a rockstar assistant who anticipates your every need. (like Donna from Suits – love her!)

You’d also probably hire a professional copywriter and graphic designer to help you bang out incredible content so you have a steady flow of prospects and new members … AND a healthy and growing bottom line.

This person would manage your entire content STRATEGY, too. They wouldn’t just figure out what to post on social media in the morning, and wouldn’t just “throw together” an email to send to your list because you haven’t touched base with them in a while.

They’d put together a complete PLAN and they’d craft content in a way that truly INSPIRED people, and established you as *the* authority for all things health and fitness.

How much would hiring a content marketing manager cost?

Would the accountant on your dream team tell you that you were crazy? What would they say if you could hire this person for under $100 per month!?

No-brainer, right? They’d say it was a win-win.

  • Win #1: You’d exponentially GROW your email list with brand new, high-converting Lead Magnets & nurture sequences that are designed to get your readers to take ACTION!
  • Win #2: You’d CONSISTENTLY deliver fresh email newsletters every week that would connect, engage, and educate your community on a regular basis WITHOUT the stress.
  • Win #3: You’d finally DOMINATE SOCIAL, build your following, and drive MASSIVE engagement with uniquely crafted posts that will take your organic traffic to the next level.
  • Win #4: You’d make more MONEY, gain more clients and make a LOT more PROFIT. When people begin to know, LOVE, and trust you… they’ll do business with you. It’s as simple as that!
  • Win #5: You’d become the go-to EXPERT and build “Front-of-Mind Awareness.”
  • But Most Importantly, Win #6: You’d HAVE MORE FREEDOM and time to spend on the things you really LOVE in your business… and with your family and friends.

Well, this is NOT a dream! It’s 100 percent reality, and it’s exactly why I created The Content & Social Media Club, to help busy fitness pros and health coaches finally get their content marketing systems under control.

I have seen this dilemma from two sides, first as a fitness pro myself. I know firsthand how hard it is to juggle everything that goes into a solid marketing plan. It’s hard enough when it’s something you LOVE to do, but if it’s not in your wheelhouse, then it’s even more of a challenge!

Now as a business coach, I watch every day as my clients have to carve out time for their own content on top of all the other things they have going on. It’s a LOT.

You have to come up with topics, create the content, and then post or schedule it.

And social media is like a HUNGRY BEAST, gobbling up everything you create as fast as you can produce it, and always wanting more!

I know you can relate.

Business today isn’t what it used to be just 5 years ago.

It’s SO much more competitive and you have GOT to be putting out high-quality content CONSISTENTLY to be able to reach your goals. (Unless, of course, you have a massive marketing budget you’re willing to blow through.)

The Content & Social Media Club IS your Content Marketing Manager…. and it won’t cost you $50k, $75k, or $100k/year! 

Here’s what you get:

  1. Done-for-you Email Newsletters designed to educate, entertain, build the know-love-trust, & keep your business front-of-mind.
  2. An ENTIRE month’s worth of CUSTOMIZABLE, engaging, high-value Social Media Content for your Facebook Fan Page and Instagram.
  3. Engagement-Driven LIVE Video Scripts to help you with exactly what to say and how to say it.
  4. Fully customizable, High-Converting List Building Campaigns.
  5. Nurture Sequences designed to educate, entertain, and build a positive relationship with your readers… and will encourage them to take action and reach out to YOU for help with their goals.
  6. Calendar & Planning Templates with ideas on how to use your new content and when to schedule it.

And, you’ll also get tutorials and tips on how to optimize your content, which means you can get started ASAP! (Or delegate to a dream team member, since the training is built in.)

And I haven’t even mentioned your CHATBOT TRAINING & LEAD AD TRAINING that you’ll get as a BONUS!!! WHAT!

This is your chance to finally get some traction in your content marketing without spending hours every week churning it out for all your platforms.

You went into business to help people with your unique gifts… and if sitting behind a computer for hours creating content isn’t one of your favorite things, then you need to check out The Club!

Click Here to check out The Club! <—-

Hope you have an amazing day!


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