YES, It’s Happening!!!!!

Two things —

Below, I’ve got seven proven ideas to help you FIRE UP engagement in your online communities, whether it’s Facebook groups, MightyNetworks, LinkedIn, or wherever else you host your online communities…

But FIRST, I have to share some very exciting news!!

After 10 years of releasing BRAND NEW done-for-you group content, I’ve been getting emails wondering if we’ll be releasing new content for 2023…

And the answer is 100% YES! And not only that …


This extra special done-for-you community content drops on Tuesday, Nov 29th at 6 am — and there will be an incredible BONUS for the first 75 people who grab this year’s edition!

(Can you tell I’m excited?!?)

Now, as promised, I’ve got 7 super fun (and super simple!) ideas to help you ramp up engagement and lead generation in your groups…

These 7 engagement ideas are perfect for two reasons:

#1 – If you want to add value, build new relationships, and keep your group motivated and on track during the holidays … but you DON’T want to spend precious family time coming up with ideas, this list will eliminate all that legwork for you.

#2 – Mixing in some pure, helpful value posts over the crazy holiday season will increase the likelihood of them seeing (and taking advantage of) your offers when you do post them 🙂

Ready? Here they are…

7 Proven Holiday Engagement-Boosting Ideas for Your Facebook Group:

  • #1: HOLIDAY RECIPE SWAP: Encourage group members to share their favorite (healthy!) family holiday recipes. Share one or two of your own to get things started.
  • #2: SHARE COOKING TIPS: Post your own healthy recipe ideas and cooking tips to make classic holiday favorites even healthier.
  • #3: BEHIND-THE-SCENES: Give your members an inside look into what YOU do to stay on track over the holidays.
  • #4: 12 DAYS OF FITMAS: Challenge your group members with mini workouts or healthy challenges to keep them focused on their goals!
  • #5: HOLIDAY BINGO: If you want to swipe some of my holiday bingo boards or need a little inspiration, click here <<
  • #6: EAT THIS, NOT THAT: Break down nutrition labels of some of the most popular things people eat and drink over the holidays … and share healthier options & ideas.
  • #7: GRATITUDE POST: Create a “what are you thankful for” graphic and encourage members to post what THEY are most grateful for. Get the ball rolling by sharing some of the things you are most thankful for.
  • BONUS #8: HOLIDAY GIFT IDEAS: Create an eBook or a guide with your favorite hand-picked (healthy!) gift ideas for the holidays. Encourage people to share their own, too. This way you can get a solid list of ideas running.

The goal is to keep the excitement going as much as possible, which is so important as we head into the holidays when most people tend to lose focus.

And remember, if you want to keep the engagement going all year round…

Then mark your calendar for November 29th when I’m launching 52 weeks of DONE-FOR-YOU content for your fitness or wellness online community!

Make it an amazing day,


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