Why You Should Be Using Giveaways & Challenges To Get Clients

What’s a GREAT way to generate a steady flow of leads into your business (AND boost engagement in your Facebook group)?

For years, I asked myself the SAME question… and I ended up wasting a lot of time and money testing a bunch of programs, systems, and methods that just never got the results they promised.

And then it hit me …

One strategy consistently worked better than anything else to 10x engagement, build relationships, generate leads, and boost growth.

It’s by running “mini-challenges” or “giveaways” in my Facebook group.

I run them all the time in my own Facebook group.

Sometimes I add in an incentive (which would turn the challenge into a giveaway) … and sometimes I don’t.

Here’s an example of one I did recently so you can get an idea of the structure.

Obviously, that’s an example in my FBFF group. You’d create these same style mini-challenges for your own group … just with a fitness, nutrition, or mindset focus/goal.

Why Mini-Challenges Just WORK (Especially In The Fitness & Wellness Industry!)

  • They are totally doable (even for your stressed-out, busy group members)
  • You easily identify people in your group that are serious and ready to take action towards their goals (& start a structured conversation to get people on a call with you/team)
  • It’s just challenging enough to keep people engaged … without them getting overwhelmed
  • It gives your participants a “quick win”
  • It’s WAY easier to introduce your coaching programs and services once you’ve established yourself as an expert
  • They are AMAZING at boosting engagement, generating leads, and boosting retention
    But… There is ONE catch to this.

Creating a challenge is a LOT of work- take it from someone who has done it MANY times over.

That’s why I’ve included 52 done-for-you “Challenge of the Week” posts in my upcoming 2022 Edition of my Facebook Group content!

It’s a PROVEN strategy … and it’s perfect for keeping your audience focused on their goals, getting them to take action (key!) while boosting engagement AND generating leads. It’s a win-win across the board.

You’ll get access to not only 52 swipe-and-deploy challenges …

But you’ll have access to a LOT of other value-generating DFY content (I’ll spill the beans soon on the details)!

—> Mark your calendars because the 2022 Edition of my Facebook Group content launches on Tuesday, November 30th at 6 am EST!

More info to come 🙂

Make it an amazing day,


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