Why I Set Intentions EVERY Day ✨

There are LOTS of reasons we don’t achieve our goals.

We don’t make time for the steps we need to take…

We fall back into limiting beliefs…

We change our minds about what we want…

But did you know new studies are finding that one of the BIGGEST reasons we don’t achieve our goals is actually because we FORGET about them?

It’s true…

A recent study published in Psychological Reports suggests that 50 to 70% of our “everyday memory failures” involve forgetting our intentions.

Ummm, WHAT?! 50-70 percent?!

Researchers also concluded that the best way to avoid this is simply to REMIND yourself of your goals and intentions on a regular basis

Which is probably why since I’ve started revisiting my intentions (and vision + goals!) DAILY since the end of October, my life and business are moving faster and smoother than ever before.


Every morning I look at my loooong list of intentions and affirmations, and it reminds me why I do what I do and keeps my vision front and center.

(Big thanks to Taylor Welch for the inspiration for this list!)

Some of my favorites?

– I do hard things and step up to worthy challenges so I can become who I’m meant to become.
– I focus only on what I can control and ignore the things I can’t.
– I make *strategic* and *smart* decisions quickly.
– Words come easy to me — I’m quick, creative, and precise in my conversations and copy.
– I am ALWAYS able to figure it out.
– I have UNSHAKABLE mental *focus* and *clarity.*
– I effortlessly speak in front of large groups because I have a MESSAGE to share.
– I ruthlessly protect my time and energy.

Did this all feel weird at first? A little!

But since I’ve stayed consistent with it, I’ve also…

– Regained my sense of purpose and direction (HUGE!!!)
– Built out a new and exciting tool that’s going to 10x the results people get with our Content Club membership
– Dialed in my nutrition and workouts again and am feeling SO clear and happy
– Felt more connected to my team
Had a LOT more fun in my life and business

(Fun is my word of the year, FYI)

And it just keeps getting better because I no longer just “check things off my list” every day.

Instead, I wake up and remind myself of what I want, who I am, and how I want to feel.

The rest of my team came up with their own intentions and affirmations that THEY revisit, too…

And I’m pretty sure we’re ALL having a much better year so far!


How often do you set intentions?

What would YOUR list look like?

And… Can you commit to spending 1-2 minutes every day revisiting that list, whether it’s while you’re having coffee in the morning or the first thing you look at before you check your email?

What are some of your favorites from YOUR list!!!

Make it an amazing day,


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