Discipline vs. Excitement

Quick thought for you today…

You might have started the year with BIG goals and BIG plans and BIG promises to yourself…

But as we approach mid-February, you might already be making compromises, slowing down, or reverting back to your old habits.

If you do this every year, you might assume you have a “discipline” problem — but I’m finding that’s not always the case.

I don’t know about you, but if I’m TRULY excited about a goal, I’ll move mountains to make it happen.

It doesn’t get put on the back-burner, because it’s ALL I can think about.

On the other hand…

If I’ve set a goal that I’m NOT excited about because I believe I “HAVE” to do it, I’ll find pretty much any excuse to put it off.

For example, like I mentioned in one of my last emails, I wasn’t very excited about my business last year.

I kept setting goals for my membership programs, but they kept getting pushed further and further back as I focused on other things.

My vision for it just didn’t light me up.

It wasn’t until I created a more EXCITING goal for my membership that I started taking action — and now I’m moving mountains again! (More on this soon!!!)

For you, it might be that you planned on starting a Facebook group this year because “everyone else” has one, but you still haven’t even started yet…

Or maybe you set a goal to post every day on Instagram, but you’ve only posted a handful of times.

But what if instead of beating yourself up about it, you get curious?

Could you choose a more powerful WHY and VISION so you can be more excited about the process?

Did you choose your goal based on what everyone else is doing, or do YOU really want to achieve it?

Your business is YOUR dream and you get to build it however you want to…

And you deserve to feel EXCITED about it!

Make it an amazing day,


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