THIS is the fun part of your funnel 💃

Ready to see where all of the MAGIC starts to happen in your messaging? 🪄

This month we’re talking all about sending the RIGHT message at the RIGHT time to your audience.

Last week we kicked things off with “top of funnel” messaging, which is all about breaking the ice and attracting new prospects…

And today we’re talking about when to unleash your inner awesomeness to show those new prospects why they should stick around.

This is your “middle of funnel” messaging — and THIS is where the magic starts to happen!

The middle of your funnel is where you start to:

  • Build rapport and establish trust
  • Introduce your prospects to new solutions
  • Get people hooked on your approach

And yes, show off your expertise so your prospects start to think of YOU as the go-to for whatever you do.

In other words, this is the FUN part where you start to blow your prospects’ minds with how much better their life COULD be…

So by the time they reach the bottom of your funnel, working with you or buying your program feels like a full-body YES.

Your “middle of funnel” can look like:

  • Nurturing your email list with high-value content
  • Running ads to people who have opted into one of your lead magnets offering them one of your low-ticket resources, or,
  • Solution-focused blog posts, social posts, trainings, or videos

Want to see what this kind of messaging looks like in the wild?

In my next post, I’m going to show you *exactly* how to write an effective middle-of-funnel Facebook or Instagram ad that walks your prospects further down your funnel.

So stay tuned!!

Make it an amazing day,


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