Dissecting The *Perfect* Top-Of-Funnel Messaging

This week we started talking about how to dial in your top-of-funnel messaging to attract the RIGHT kind of clients with the RIGHT kind of messaging…

And today I want to give you an example of a top-of-funnel ad to dissect.

Top-of-funnel messaging is like casting a wide fishing net.

Just like a fisherman wants to attract as many fish as possible, YOU want to attract as many ideal clients as you can.

Your goal here is to capture attention and interest…

Which means your hook (pun intended!) needs to be what your prospect is looking for.

Typically, a good top-of-funnel hook is a bold statement or question that either pokes at a big problem your ideal customer is having — or taps into a deep desire.

Then hints at a unique solution.

Here’s an example that comes straight from the bonus Facebook ads we released in The Content Club this month:

Ever plop down on the couch after a long day *wishing* you’d prepped a healthy dinner ahead of time? 😫 I think we all have!

The thing is, meal prepping sounds nice in theory…

But who has the time to dedicate an entire Saturday or Sunday to chopping, cooking, roasting, baking… and then packing it all up? 🙄

Still, meal prepping is one of the BEST ways to stay on track during the week no matter what’s on your to-do list…

So I created 20 Fast & Easy Meal Prep Recipes for REAL people with REAL busy schedules that will help you start the habit.

Inside the free guide, you’ll find lightning quick make-ahead meals like:

⭐ Homemade Peanut Butter Oat Bars
⭐ 3 Ingredient Egg Muffins
⭐ Meal Prep Taco Bowl (yum!)
⭐ Buddha Bowls & Cobb Salad Jars
⭐ DIY Protein Snack Boxes (perfect in a pinch)

And a lot more!

If you’re ready to kick takeout to the curb with 20 delicious meal prep recipes, click [DOWNLOAD] to grab your free recipes!

See what we did there?

Our opening statement casts our net and meets our prospect where they’re at — which is struggling to stay prepped and motivated.

Next, we join the conversation our prospects are already having in their head about how meal prepping is nice, but who has the time for all that?

In that one statement, we’re not only showing empathy but also hinting that we might have a simpler, quicker solution for them.

This transition HOLDS their attention and STARTS walking them towards the solution rather than hitting them over the head with it.

Finally, we introduce the solution, and invite our prospect to enjoy a quick win with our fast and easy meal prep recipes.

👉 Notice we’re not inviting them to work with us…

👉 We didn’t introduce a sale or discount…

👉 And we didn’t just highlight the free resource.

We let our ideal client know we UNDERSTAND them, and we revealed a little bit about ourselves, too.

Plus, by giving them a resource that implies a little effort and intent on their part (making the recipes), there’s a good chance they’d put more effort in (like getting coaching or joining a program) if they knew where to direct those efforts.

Fortunately, that’s the NEXT step in our funnel as we move them from being “problem aware” to understanding what their solution is.

Stay tuned, because we’re tackling middle-of-funnel messaging next!

Make it an amazing day,


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