Increase Your Chances Of Sales By 43%

Did you know website or sales page visitors who are retargeted are 43% more likely to convert?

It’s true…

And that’s why retargeting ads are one of the KEY components of an effective middle-of-funnel marketing strategy.

There’s a reason someone visited your website or sales page and left…

And your middle-of-funnel marketing is where you get to demonstrate your value and show those prospects why your help is one the BEST investments they can make.

(This is where unleashing your inner awesomeness happens — like I was talking about in my last post!)

The mistake most business owners make at this stage is assuming that prospects left their website or sales page or haven’t taken action because of the price.

And while that MAY be true…

👉 It’s more often that those prospects don’t see the VALUE in what’s being offered.

But you can flip that doubt on its head with a great middle-of-funnel ad that addresses common objections, lets people know what you’re offering is different from what they’ve tried, and continues to build more trust.

For example…

If you’re a personal trainer or coach, this is a middle-of-funnel retargeting ad that could work for someone who opted into your lead magnet and checked out your offer, but hasn’t booked a call yet:

“👋 I saw you checking out my 1:1 [Name of Program], but I don’t see your name on my calendar…

Here’s what you need to know if you’re still on the fence:

1️⃣ Almost everyone has a hard time taking the first step.

The reason I became a personal trainer/coach is because after I had my first child, I struggled (in a big way) with my weight and low self-esteem. I knew I needed to put the work in, but I was TIRED.

It wasn’t until I had the guidance and accountability from a trainer/coach that I was able to show up despite how hard it was to start. Fast forward to now, I can’t imagine getting through that time in my life without that extra accountability…

And that’s why I believe 1:1 coaching is so powerful.

2️⃣ During our call, we can discuss YOUR specific challenges and goals, and I can answer any of your questions.

When you book a call, you’re not committing to anything…

It’s just your opportunity to get clear on your next steps, with or without me.

3️⃣ Space is limited, and spots fill up quickly. Getting on my calendar locks you in to be able to start within the next 30 days if you choose to move forward.

If you wait, space may not be available.

Want to see if this is right for you?

Click [LEARN MORE] to complete your application and get your free 30-minute [Name of Call] call.”

Here’s why this works…

  • Sharing your story with your prospects helps your ideal clients to relate to you… all while continuing to build that know, love, and trust
  • You start becoming a real person, and your prospects will be able to put a face to your name (you don’t have to be this vulnerable for it to work, by the way!)
  • It helps the prospect understand why your solution is different from other things they’ve tried in an authentic way
  • And it reinforces the value of working with you and WHY your approach is valuable instead of just giving them the deliverables

Now, if this doesn’t work on the first try, that’s okay too!

At this stage, it helps to test 3-4 different angles that address different objections, lead with different hooks, or showcase different testimonials.

The important thing is that you don’t skip this step and go straight to bottom-of-funnel messaging (which we’ll talk about next time)…

Or that you start here instead of skipping your top-of-funnel messaging.

If you’re implementing these changes to your messaging, let me know! My entire team loves hearing from you! 🙌

Make it an amazing day,


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