The iOS14 “Slap”… The Easiest, Quickest, Stress-Free Way Around it…

Guest Blog Post by Jono Petrohilos from www.fitnesseducationonline.com.au

If you’re reading this blog … I’m guessing a couple of things:

a) You’ve heard about the iOS14 ‘slap’

b) You don’t 100% know what to do about it

I’m also going to assume that you’re probably more on the beginner end of the spectrum when it comes to Facebook Marketing… and that’s not a dig at you…

It’s just – if you were an advanced marketer (which takes years of studying and experience) – you’d probably already know your way around the issue… So I’m going to keep it simple here!

What is the iOS14 ‘slap’… simplified version?

With the new Apple update – Apple is giving their customers the option on whether they want to allow apps (such as Facebook & Instagram) to track them (or their device) so the app can target their advertising specific to the user…

From the “customer” perspective – if they choose to ‘opt-out’ of tracking… It doesn’t mean they will see fewer ads… it just means they will see fewer ‘personalized’ ads…

From the “marketer” perspective… if the Apple customers ‘opt-out’ of tracking… it may mean that it will be harder for you to ‘track’ their behavior and ‘retarget’ them or count them as a ‘conversion’.

What do I need to do as a Fitness or Wellness Pro?

Now there are basically two ways around this… an “easy-ish” way… and a “hard-ish” way…

In this blog, I’m only going to explain the easier way… because unless you know the Facebook platform in and out – it’s not worth doing it the ‘hard’ way on your own!

You’ll need to:

a) Verify your domain
b) Create an event on your Pixel
c) Configure the event via web event configurations

And if you do want to do it the hard way – I recommend checking out this blog post from The Social Media Examiner who gives you 6 tips on what you can do to get around it.

Although I’m predicting the “hard way” is just going to get harder and harder as the privacy laws get stricter and stricter, as they have been.

The Easy Way

The easy way… is instead of sending Facebook users OFF Facebook (e.g. to your website or landing page) you will keep them on Facebook!

My favorite option is the “Lead Generation” option…

When you set up a Facebook ad, you get a few different options. If you select the “Lead Generation” option – when a Facebook user clicks on your ad – they are asked to enter their details on a “Facebook Form” as opposed to taking the user to an external page.

What are the advantages of this and why would you do it?

Simplified version – I’m seeing two trends in the marketing world:

Trend 1: Facebook wants to keep its users on Facebook for as long as possible…
Which makes sense, right? The longer a user is on Facebook… the more ads Facebook can show them… and the more money Facebook makes.

So if you send someone to a site OFF of Facebook – they won’t give you as much reach compared to if you keep them ON Facebook (e.g. look at the results when you share a YouTube post vs a Facebook post)

Trend 2: Privacy settings are getting tighter and tighter… GDPR, California Privacy Act, iOS14… It’s going to get harder and harder for Facebook to retarget/track/target people if you’re sending them AWAY from Facebook. If you’re keeping users within the Facebook ecosystem – it’s going to be A LOT easier for Facebook to track.

To give you a simple example… I used to run both “Lead Generation Ads” where I would keep users on Facebook… and “Conversion Ads” where I would send users away from Facebook…

After the iOS14 slap… I turned my conversion ads off and had to completely change the way I ran those ads. I’ve got a feeling I’m going to have to constantly change them as the privacy settings get stricter… I’ve also noticed the tracking and retargeting isn’t as precise as it used to be.

My Lead Generation Ads weren’t affected one bit by the iOS slap! They are running exactly the same as they were before with similar results … and I’m pretty confident I won’t have to change anything there anytime soon.

So my advice… learn how to do Lead Generation Ads and get really good at them 🙂

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