Steal This Winning Email Formula

There’s probably not a ton of them …

But you know those people who you get emails from …. that you actually look FORWARD to reading?

You appreciate them because you can tell they actually care about their community and adding value …

And they’re not trying to sell you something ALL. THE. TIME.

Their emails are interesting, they have substance, and they add value to your life.

We already talked about how email can give you a 4,200% ROI on your investment (if you missed it, click here)…

So you already know how profitable emailing can be.

It really is a win-win for your subscribers AND for your business.

But what is the REAL differentiating factor?

Why are some people WAY more effective at engaging and converting their list than others?

Ready for the secret?

It’s because they create magnetic content.

And there are a few KEY characteristics that magnetic content has:

  • It feels like they’re talking directly to YOU
  • They actually understand you – and at a deep level, too … they know your struggles, fears, challenges, and what keeps you up at night (creates an emotional response)
  • They make complex things sound simple
  • They also know (for the most part) what your goals & dreams are – and how important they are to you (also creates an emotional response)
  • Because of this, you don’t just feel a sense of connection – but also like you know, like, and trust them (and vice versa)!
  • They add real VALUE … in the form of entertainment, inspiration, education, etc.
  • → You KNOW they can help get you RESULTS.

Each individual piece of content doesn’t need to check every box … but if you look at the big picture, your overall content strategy should cover all of those bases.

But it’s more than “magnetic content” you want to create …

It’s content that CONVERTS.

Because as you already know, in order to TRULY help people transform their lives, you’ll need to work with them at a deeper level … as a client.

To do that, you ALWAYS want your content to be SUPER clear about the next step forward.

We’ll dive deeper into how this all works and comes together over the next couple of weeks.

But for now, these are the things to be thinking about as you create your own content.

This includes your list-building opt-ins … follow-up nurture emails … email newsletters … social media posts … and all of your marketing content.

All too often we complicate our content.

What really sets you apart is messaging that’s focused, consistent, and adds value.

This is the exact same method I’ve used to build multiple 6- and 7-figure businesses from the ground up.

And in fact, I just got this FB message last week from someone on my list … (thank you so much for this, by the way! It made my day. 🙂

This stuff WORKS. And it also translates into a LOT of revenue when you dial in your call-to-actions properly. (huge topic that we’re about to dive into!)

Lots more to come, so stay posted!

Make it an amazing day,


PS: If you want to fast-track your content success and tap into our in-house, proven-to-convert content for fitness & health pros (monthly emails, opt-ins, social media posts, etc) that you can use as-is … or customize as you see fit … here’s the link to learn more about my Content & Social Media Club <<

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