How To Effectively Build Your Email List in 2021

Ready for the next conversion tip for my “what’s working now” series?

In case you missed the first two:

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This is a biggie, and it’s one of the CORE principles that make this work.

It’s attracting the RIGHT PEOPLE to join your email list.

This matters because a strong email list = a strong potential customer/client base to grow your business into the future.

There’s a proven process for making this happen. And it all starts with a download, freebie, or valuable piece of CONTENT that you give to people in exchange for their email address.

You might have noticed a theme running through the first two emails I’ve sent out in this series.


Here’s what that looks like when it comes to an opt-in “deliverable” that converts:

  1. Zero in on your potential IDEAL clients – put yourself in their shoes!
  2. Laser-focus on the transformation they want to have, the problem they want to solve, or the results they’re looking to achieve. Get SPECIFIC. Choose ONE thing.
  3. Create a SIMPLE, clear resource to help them take their first step towards getting those results. An alternative to giving the first step is to lay out a framework for success (but don’t give them the HOW, give them the “WHAT”).
  4. Use words your ideal clients use, and create your resource (video, training, checklist, eBook, etc) as if you were speaking to that prospect right in front of you.
  5. Remember it’s not about you … it’s about THEM.
  6. Pepper in powerful case studies / testimonials.
  7. Have a VERY clear call to action – what’s the next step people should take to work with you? Or to get more information?

Here are some examples of niches and possible opt-ins (these are just samples – you know your ideal clients better than anyone on the planet):

  • Are you a fat-loss expert? 5-day Metabolic Jumpstart Challenge
  • A plant-based nutritionist? Plant-Based Meal Prep Checklist
  • A health coach who helps clients with gut health? Gut Health Guide & Recipe Manual
  • A fitness coach who works with busy moms? Time-Crunch Workout Guide

It can be tempting to try to widen your scope to include people outside your niche … but don’t fall into the trap.

The more you can zero in on your ideal client, the more you will connect with them.

Make sure the content speaks directly to their pain points and offers real value. (not just fluff)

And once you find something that connects and converts, don’t change it! Keep coming up with creative ways to market your opt-in.

Here’s a perfect example: Every month in my Content & Social Media Club I include a fresh new “deliverable” or opt-in (e-book, guide, recipe book, 5-day challenge, checklist, etc!). They’re professionally designed and packed with content that’ll connect, educate, and add value to your subscribers.

But even though they work extremely well as opt-ins, I don’t expect or even want our Club members to switch their “opt-ins” each month.

Instead, once they have their “freebie” that resonates with their potential clients, I recommend they continue using that exact same one, and NOT change it up until they need to.

They can use the additional ebooks/challenges/guides in many other ways (see the P.S.) that add value to their current clients or community.

Now if you’re wondering how to get people to actually “opt-in” to GET their deliverable in the first place … that’s exactly what my next email will be about, so stay tuned!

For now:

  1. If you’re not already a member of the Club and want to fast-track your content success with our proven content formula, check out an entire month of content without the risk over here (this month is the Time Crunch Workout Guide!) <<
  2. Or if you want to create your own content from scratch, and you don’t already have a high-converting opt-in to grow and build your list, brainstorm ideas or survey your clients and community for ideas!
  3. But whatever you do, TAKE ACTION, because you should be growing your prospect list on a DAILY BASIS.

Make it a productive day,


P.S. BONUS TIP: Once you’ve got a great deliverable for your opt-in, you can leverage it to build MUCH more than your email list! Use it as a hook to grow your Facebook group, as a fast-action bonus for signing up for a program, as a value-add in your new client onboarding series, and the list goes on!

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