3 Ninja Client-Boosting Strategies for Summer

Summer is in full swing. We’re in the thick of it now.

Clients want to take some time off for summer… and along with that comes the dreaded “I’ll be back in September…I promise!” I’ve been there — and it can be sooooo frustrating!

So, today I’m kicking off Part 1 of my “Summer Client Motivation” Series to give you a few HOT ideas to keep your clients fired up and SHOWING up for the rest of the summer.

Ok, let’s dive right in!

Sizzlin’ Strategy #1: Attendance Challenges (with prizes, of course)

Here are a few ideas for running an Attendance Challenge:

  • What’s the goal? Do you want each client to show up 12 times over the next 30 days? Do you want them in 10 times? Want them checking in on Facebook?
  • Figure out your start and end date and put up some posters and social media posts to create a buzz. Announce it at class, put it in your member newsletter. Hype it up!
  • Consider getting a poster board and pinning it up on the wall at your gym. Create a grid with all of your client names down the left side, and the dates across the top. Have clients put a star (sticker) next to their name every time they attend a class. (This is super motivating for people AND it looks great when new prospects come in)
  • Offer Bronze, Silver and Gold prize levels based on how many times they attend. For example, a Bronze (10 check-ins) prize could be a free water bottle, Silver (12 check-ins) is a free t-shirt, and Gold (15 check-ins) could be a free gym bag or even a complimentary PT Session, massage gift card (donated, of course), or mystery gift! Or….. maybe they get a raffle ticket every time the show up to class, and then you host a fun client workout / party in August to celebrate and draw the raffle!

Sizzlin’ Strategy #2: The Big Switch

Have you ever been to a gym where the instructor plays the same music every single class? It’s pretty blah, right?

But when someone new comes in and shakes up the routine AND the music… the workout feels fresh, new and pretty much rocks your socks off, doesn’t it?!

Changing up your music can be a great tweak, but try a few other simple ideas, like:

  • Take it outside! Host a sunset yoga class or run a 5k together as a group. You can even offer a FREE outdoor boot camp class in the park for your members and allow them to invite their friends.
  • Add some fun and flair to your workouts! Host a Friday night spin party, complete with a disco ball, DJ, and themed music 😉
  • Create a ninja warrior obstacle race challenge and watch your clients hustle to win. This one is a ton of fun and challenges your clients physically too!

And, I know you may be thinking, “Alicia, this looks like a lot of work!”

It really doesn’t have to be, so keep it simple and have FUN with it. If you get excited about it, guaranteed your clients will get excited about it also.

Sizzlin’ Strategy #3: Throw a Fitness Party (Field Day-style!)

This one involves some fun fitness games and free food! (people will seriously do pretty much anything for free food.)

Consider throwing a Fitness Field Day Party + BBQ in honor of your amazing clients. They will feel so loved and appreciated, and this will definitely give them a little morale boost.

Here are a few key ingredients for a fun Fitness Field Day!!

  • Invite all of your members (and their families) for some free BBQ food, social time AND of course… field day games!
  • Include activities like tug of war, 3-legged race, speed walk tag, and hula hoop marathon. Need more ideas? Here’s a list of a few others!
  • Prizes are a MUST! Make sure to have prizes on hand for the game winners. This is also a great time to hand out awards for your attendance challenge or to recognize members that are rocking it this summer!

FIT PRO TIP: This is also a great time to get your clients thinking about the Fall. Make sure to have your Fall Promo offers ready to promote at the BBQ. Get them thinking AHEAD.

Your clients will be so happy with the love you’ve shown them this summer, that they’ll be excited and looking forward to what’s to come.

I know summer can be a tricky time of year as a Fitness Professional. It’s not too late to jazz things up this season!

Going the extra mile and having more fun will help keep your clients motivated and SHOWING UP for the rest of the summer.

Enjoy your day!

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