Ninja Productivity Part 5: Creating your Daily / Weekly / Monthly + Plugging It All In

We’re wrapping up our “Delegate, Automate, or Eliminate Challenge” today (winners will be selected later today!)…

and I’m also wrapping up my productivity series.

In case you’ve missed any of the past posts in the series, you can catch up HERE.

Before we dive in, I’ve got a special announcement!!

I’m excited to share the official launch date for my ALL NEW, Done-for-You, (REBRANDABLE) 21-Day Keto Challenge….. Tuesday, July 24th!!

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More to come soon, so stay posted!

Ok- let’s get down to the nitty-gritty in the last part of our productivity series…

—> Step #1: Nail down your Daily, Weekly and Monthly recurring tasks
—> Step #2: Plug it ALL into your Calendar

Alright. Ready, set, go

Step #1: By now, (if you did your time tracking exercise from Part 1), you should have a pretty solid idea of where you’re spending your time.

If you haven’t done that yet, it’s one of the most eye-opening exercises you can ever do in your business.

You also should have a pretty solid list of things you want to delegate, automate, and eliminate (based on what you learned from Part 4). So now it’s time to tie it all together!

You’re going to create your list of EVERYTHING you want to do on a daily / weekly / monthly (and quarterly basis). (I like to do mine in a Google Spreadsheet so I can see it all in one place.)

Step #2: Time to organize it all into your calendar! I use Google Cal, but go with whatever you’ll use and be CONSISTENT with.

Here’s how I personally do it:

1. I sit down once a week (Sunday) and plan out my agenda for the upcoming week.

2. The FIRST things that go in are:

  • My Personal Time (workouts, date night, family time, meal prep, etc)
  • My Top Priority Focus Blocks (this is where I’ve blocked out time in my day exclusively to focus on tasks that will move my business FORWARD (not customer service, emails, etc.
  • (If you want to know a secret- my focus blocks, workouts, and downtime are actually already in there for the REST of 2018. Those don’t change. Everything gets scheduled AROUND them.)

3. After that, I block off specific things from my daily / weekly / monthly. (after the first week of doing this, your schedule won’t change a whole lot. You’ll just refine / tweak over time.)

To save time, do your best to “chunk” your activities (ex. You can create an entire week’s worth of content on a one specific day each week).

Make sure you set SPECIFIC boundaries in your calendar (ex. when you’re shutting it down at night, and when you’re unavailable on the weekends!)

Once you get everything into your calendar, you may have an “AH-HA MOMENT”, when you realize it’s not physically possible to get ALL of the things done that you want to in any given day.

The first week will be your most challenging as you’re shifting things up from “organized chaos” to “organized!” But hang in there and stay the course. The SYSTEM works.

It took me months to refine my schedule when I first started… and I’m still working on it every week. It’s an ever-evolving process.

PRO TIP: Consider using a task management software in conjunction with your calendar. (I’ve recently become obsessed with Asana.) This can help keep you and your team on track at another level!

It might take a little bit of time (and commitment to push through internal resistance) in the beginning. It’s not easy breaking bad time-management habits.

The good news is, once you’ve got your map… and your compass is pointed in the right direction, you’ll get to your destination a LOT faster with smoother seas. (this means must faster and with less stress.)

That’s about it!

I truly hope this series on productivity has been helpful for you. Remember, it ONLY works if you actually put it into action 🙂

Next up, “How to Keep Your Clients Motivated & On Track Over The Summer!” Stay tuned for this series starting next week.

Hope you have an amazing rest of your day,

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