5 Unusual Client Gift Ideas

Want to make your clients feel like a MILLION bucks?!

Ever since I became an entrepreneur, one of my core values as a business owner has been to “over-deliver.”

Over the years, we’ve done some really fun things for our clients. That “little bit extra” really does go a long way.

It’s never about how much you spend, it’s all about the thought and intention behind what you do.

Pay attention to the details. A client can mention something in passing, that if you made note of, could make for something impactful in the future for them.

I wanted to share a few fun and not-so-common gift ideas to help celebrate your clients and show them how much you care!

Did a client get a promotion or a new job? Celebrate with them! For just $16 you can get them a beautiful wood pen engraved with their name on it (Etsy). Personalized stationery also makes for a great gift!

Have a client who isn’t feeling too hot? Maybe has a cold or the flu? Do something that they will NEVER expect…. have chicken soup delivered to their home! This is so easy with services like Uber Eats, Doorstep Delivery, and Bitesquad.

Did a client recently move into a new home? For $15-$25 you can get them a personalized cutting board as a housewarming gift. (just search “personalized cutting boards” on Etsy to check out some really beautiful options.) Personalized glasses also work well.

Did a client have a baby? Get them a pink or gray giant stuffed elephant shipped to their house right from Amazon! You can find them under $20-$25 and everyone LOVES them.

Want to send a random appreciation / gratitude gift? Give a gift that gives back… like something from https://4ocean.com where each bracelet will help remove trash from the coastline and oceans. Or you can also check into the beautiful bracelets at www.mantraband.com where each item is engraved with inspirational words or phrases.

On a budget? Don’t forget how much a handwritten card can mean to your clients. They go a very long way and really make an impact.

I hope this list helps spark your creativity and spirit of gratitude!

Are you up for a little challenge? How about sending out one extra gift or card in the mail to one of your clients this week? It’ll make your day, as much as it makes theirs!

Make it an amazing day,

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