More Or Less (key to success)

There is a HUGE myth about time management that gets in the way of so many smart, amazing fitness and wellness pros.

This myth is something you absolutely HAVE to overcome if you want to grow your business.

It’s that you can manage your time.

You can’t.

The fact is, time is the most precious asset you have as a business owner.

You can’t ever make more of it. Which means you have to spend it very wisely.

I shared a time tracker last week so you can see exactly how you’re spending your time.

Now, I could take you through a lengthy exercise to help you identify the top 5% of tasks you need to focus on to actually move your business forward.

But you already know the answer – they are the things that have a direct impact on your bottom line.

In fact, it’s probably that “thing” that’s been hanging over your head for a few weeks, that you’ve been telling yourself you’ll get to, eventually.

It’s time to take action.

Because ideas without implementation are pretty much worthless.

Take a look at your time tracker (if you did it) or your schedule for the past week.

With that in front of you, ask yourself a couple of questions:

#1: What’s ONE THING that I need to do MORE of every day/week to move my business forward?

(Example: 30 minutes of lead follow-up every weekday, no matter what.)

#2: What ONE THING should I be doing “LESS” of? What’s distracting me or is “not in my 5%” that is preventing me from actually moving my business forward? (aka the busy work)

(Example: Spending 15-20 minutes a day creating graphics for your social media profiles – you can hire someone to do that – or join The Content & Social Media Club.)

It’s time to start doing LESS of the things you need to be doing less of (delegate, automate, eliminate) …and MORE of the things that actually make a difference!


It’s a lot easier than you think. Just take it one at a time.

Spend 10-15 mins every week to reflect on the ONE thing you need to do more of…

… and ONE thing you need to do less of.

Put your plan together, adjust your time blocks for the upcoming week, and MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Just take it one thing at a time, and don’t bite off more than you can chew.

Make it a productive day,


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