Grab Your Tracker And CRUSH Your 2022 Goals…

I did a poll recently in the FBFF group to check and see if people are on track with their 2022 goals now that January is in the books.

And the results showed that TWICE as many people are off track, versus on track.

If you’re not on track right now, it’s not too late to absolutely CRUSH your 2022 goals. You just need to do things a little differently.

That’s why I wanted to kick off this month with a little challenge.

It’s a very simple activity you can do take inventory of where you’re at so you can identify what you need to change.

It’s actually one of the first things I do with my coaching clients, and it’s an EYE-OPENING exercise.

I posted all about it over on this post over here <<

And even included a printable tracker that you can use for the challenge!

Head on over to our Facebook group and join us for the challenge … it just might change the trajectory of your entire year.

See you over in the group,


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