Hyper-Targeted List-Building 🎯

Last week, I talked about how growing a warm audience through email is going to be more important than EVER in 2023.

Not only is putting effort into your list great for building the real, authentic connections people are craving right now…

It’s also a slam-dunk way to create a pool of people who know, love, and trust you enough to buy from you.

The challenge?

👉 Not all list-building efforts translate to paying clients.

The key to building a profitable list is creating a hyper-targeted lead magnet that:

  • Is irresistible to your ideal client (and meets them where they’re at)
  • Creates a quick win for your new prospect
  • Implies enough intent to solve their problem

In other words, it should be easy to assume that the person opting in to grab your lead magnet would also want coaching.

Here’s an example and why it works…

Our done-for-you lead magnet in Content Club coming up in Feb is “Fast & Easy Meal Prep Recipes.”

Inside, the guide gives leads:

  • Meal prep tips and tricks for a busy schedule
  • 20 healthy (and delicious!) make-ahead meal prep recipes
  • Actionable strategies to help them take action right away
  • Social proof and testimonials of clients getting incredible results
  • Guidance on how to get more personalized coaching

And if you TAILOR it even more to your niche, you’ll supercharge your content.

Here are a few examples of how slight verbiage tweaks can make a huge difference:

  • Fast & Easy Meal Prep Recipes for Busy Moms, or
  • Fast & Easy Paleo Meal Prep Recipes, or
  • Fast & Easy Meal Prep Recipes for Triathletes

These small shifts will 10x the power of your messaging and help you attract more of your IDEAL clients.

Simple, right?

This checks all of the boxes for the perfect lead magnet (and then some!).

Not only does it help attract and get leads the quick win they’re looking for, but it also showcases the life-changing results they could achieve with the right plan (aka – your coaching program!).

In fact, the final page of the guide even includes an invitation to learn more about your paid programs to help them do it.

This way, you’re not only growing a list of people who are likely looking for what you have to offer…

But you’re also leading with value and priming them to become great clients in the future.

This is a GIANT win. 🤩

Now, instead of just “list building” … you’re doing it with INTENTION and with a more complete strategy.

You may need to test a couple of lead magnets before you see momentum, but that’s all part of the fun!

And on a side note, there are a few more strategies that you can layer on top of your lead magnet for even more powerful results — so stay tuned for those.

In the meantime, start brainstorming lead magnet ideas that would be a great fit for YOUR audience, and start taking action asap!


P.S. Want to bounce some ideas off other health & fitness pros? Join us in our free Fitness Business Freedom Formula Facebook group to brainstorm with other trailblazers!

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