3 Bonus List-Building Strategies 🤓

2023 is the year that real, authentic connections will trump polished, shiny marketing hype…

And your email list is one of the best tools in your toolbox to position yourself for success.

On Tuesday, I ran through an example of a hyper-targeted lead magnet you could use to start building a primed and profitable list.

And today? I’ve got 3 additional list-building ideas on top of your lead magnet to add rocket fuel to your reach.

Give these 3 bonus strategies a try:

1. Use your Facebook & IG stories to invite people to your list.

That lead magnet we just talked about? Your Facebook and Instagram stories are the perfect place to promote it if you don’t have the budget to run ads.

Even if you don’t have a lead magnet, stories are a great place to remind people of all the extra, exclusive value they’ll get if they’re on your list, and invite them to join!

(Pro tip: ask people to DM you to grab the link for your lead magnet or email list instead of posting it in your story or saying “link in bio” so you can follow up with them later on. It’s a great way to get a conversation going around their goals!)

2. Promote a quiz.

A prospect who takes a quiz is a prospect who wants a problem solved. Think of the #1 problem your ideal client might be struggling with, and create a quiz that leads them to the answers they need. But don’t forget to have them enter their email address to get their results!

For example, if your approach includes fasting, you could create a quiz titled “Which Intermittent Fasting Schedule Is Best For You?” and require an email address in exchange for the prospect’s perfect fasting schedule and tips.

In that same results email, you can let them know you’re available to help them further customize a nutrition plan that works for them.

(Don’t know where to start? Typeform and Survey Monkey allow you to create quizzes in minutes).

3. Launch a giveaway or contest.

People LOVE to win stuff. The caveat is, giveaways and contests can attract “freebie seekers” if you’re not careful. So if you go the giveaway or contest route to build your list, just make sure you’re giving something away that still implies intent to work with you down the line.

For instance, giving away one free personal training session might attract more tire kickers than giving away 2-3 sessions — those multiple sessions imply commitment! Plus, 2-3 sessions give people a chance to start feeling the effects so they walk away with a small win.

(And of course, you can always offer the people who didn’t win the opportunity to get that same offer at a discount — which allows you to effectively monetize your giveaway 💰)

The best part about these strategies is they’re all fairly quick and easy to test.

Plus, you can run them alongside your hyper-targeted lead magnet without taking away from either strategy.

Going to try one of these strategies this month?

Give it a due date and a space on your calendar so it gets done 😉

Lots more to come. Keep posted!


P.S. Want some feedback on your ideas from other trailblazers? Join me and more than 12,000 other health and fitness pros in my free Fitness Business Freedom Formula Group.

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