How To NAME Your Signature Offer ✨

There’s a lot that goes into making your coaching program *irresistible* to your ideal client, like the curriculum, the price, the big promise…

But a big part of the magic is in the NAME.

My best tip?

The name of your offer should scream the OUTCOME.

Think about it: when potential clients see the name of your program, they should instantly know what transformation they can expect.

For example? One of my highest-performing programs EVER was my “Little Black Dress Project” transformation challenge.

Even though it was similar to my 6-week transformation challenge, the name promised a *very* specific result.

**Here are some other examples:**

6-Week Lean & Lifted Bootcamp” is way more enticing than just “6-Week Fit & Healthy Challenge”

Similarly, “5-Day Sugar Detox” is more powerful than “5-Day Clean Eating Plan”!

See the difference?

Now, take a look at your offer…

Does the name hint to a specific outcome?

Does it sound different from other programs they’ve tried?

If not, get more specific!

Make it an amazing day,


*P.S. Still need a signature offer to sell to your clients? Check out my plug-and-play programs and challenges here! These are all ready to go — just rebrand it with the name of your new signature program and add your logo and colors in Canva… and launch!*

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