You’re Not Selling Enough…

Every month inside of Content Club, we do live coaching…

And more often than not, we’ll get a few questions about why we think someone’s offer isn’t converting.

After asking them a series of questions, we find that the offer isn’t the problem at all…

It’s that they’re not selling enough!

I know as coaches we just want to help our clients, and sometimes you might even feel guilty or “weird” about selling…

But if you don’t sell, you won’t have anyone to help!

So, here’s a better way to think about it…

As a general rule, I recommend ONE focused promotion every month for at least 72 hours.

In other words, instead of wondering if you’re selling too much or too little, choose 3-5 days each month when you’ll actively promote whatever program you want to spotlight.

As long as you’re nurturing your list with relevant, valuable emails twice a week the rest of the month…

You’ve earned the opportunity to sell.

Think of it as a balance between giving and receiving.

You’re sharing your expertise, tips, and insights, and in return, it’s perfectly fair to ask for their business.

In fact, if you did it right, your list should WANT more of what you’re offering.

This is how you get to keep doing what you love and helping more people.

Will some people opt out the minute you start selling?


But those people were never going to buy from you anyway, and that’s okay.

Those who ARE interested will appreciate the opportunity to work with you more closely.

So, when your’e planning your content, include at least ONE promo each month that you’ll run to your email list, social media audience, or preferably both.

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All you have to do is fill in the blanks.

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