How To Instantly Monetize New Leads 💸

Without a doubt, one of the biggest hurdles when it comes to growing your email list is the cost.

Shelling out your hard-earned cash for ads before any of those leads turn into paying clients can make your head spin…

Unless you have a solid strategy in place to turn those leads into dollars the second they roll in.

The good news?

Turning the “thank you” page behind your opt-in into a fast-action offer is a quick and easy way to recoup that ad spend.

Here’s what I mean…

When someone opts into your email list to grab your lead magnet, they get sent to a thank you page, right?

Typically, that “thank you” page says something like, “Thanks! Go check your inbox for your free resource!” and then you send them on their way.

But wait!!!!

That moment is the PERFECT opportunity to put a low-ticket resource or an invitation to apply to a paid program in front of them.

If you’ve created a hyper-targeted lead magnet (like we talked about here), then it’s safe to assume the person who just opted in DOES want help with something.

So why not put a fast-action offer right on that “thank you” page?

And by “fast-action offer”, I mean placing an offer on that page that’s ONLY available on that page while — once they leave the page, it’s gone!

The offer can be a low-ticket product or program (like a special deal on a supplement or introductory fitness class)…

Or, you can use that page to give people an exclusive invitation to apply for one of your programs and play up the scarcity of spots available.

The key is to make the fast-action offer feel like a seamless transition from the lead magnet so it doesn’t feel like you’re pitching them out of nowhere.

For instance, if your lead magnet is a Fast & Easy Paleo Meal Prep Recipes eBook…

It would make sense to offer leads an invitation to apply for a custom Paleo nutrition plan at a special price, or offer a discount on a 5-Day Paleo Challenge.

For added scarcity, add a timer and let them know the deal is truly only available on that page!

Not everyone will take you up on your offer (a “good” conversion rate for cold traffic is just 1-7%)…

But even if you break even (i.e. you make back as much as you spent on ads), that means you just grew your list for FREE!

(And even if you’re not running ads, putting a fast-action offer behind your lead magnet is an easy way to make extra sales 😉)

So try it out, report back, and enjoy the weight being lifted off your shoulders while you get PAID to grow your list!

Make it an amazing day,


P.S. If you need a little help putting this lead magnet conversion funnel together, I have something *VERY* exciting coming your way soon… keep your eyes open!

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