Part 2: How To Determine Your No-Brainer Client Reactivation “Offer”

I hope you’re ready for this!

I’m going to jump right in today with the second lesson in your master class on setting up a HIGHLY EFFECTIVE Client Reactivation Campaign.

If you didn’t read my previous post, make sure you go back and do that before you read this one. (It’s on my blog here) It lays all the groundwork for the work we are going to do today, including the Leaving Client Tracker and Reactivation Tracker.

Note: this isn’t one of those “vague on the details” free trainings – we’re getting into the meat and potatoes, so make sure you grab a pen and paper!

By now you should have your list of former members along with information about when and why they left, and also have created your two tracker spreadsheets.

And if your business is new and you only have a handful of people on your past client list, creating this system right out of the gate will set you up for success for years into the future!

Step #3, It’s time to create your NO-BRAINER Client Reactivation offer to get past clients back in the door.

This should be an insanely awesome deal, one that they’d be absolutely crazy NOT to take you up on. You can make up a fun name for it: the “We Miss You” promo, “Secret VIP Special” … whatever works for you!

In my business, this was the absolute lowest promo price we ever offered.

Here’s what is important to remember: you’re not trying to make a million dollars on the front end.

You ALREADY know the people you’re reaching out to, and have built up a know-love-trust relationship with them. You also ALREADY know they are a great fit for your program, and can most likely afford to come back at regular prices.

—-> Your ONLY job with your offer is to get their foot back in the door, so they remember how great it is to be a part of your community and want to work with you again.

To do this you have to make the offer the bomb dot com.

For our large group fitness classes, it was a month of unlimited classes for $49, which included a meal plan, nutritional guidance, and accountability. (Regular prices at the time were $139-$199 for the classes. Our client reactivation offer was the lowest offer we ever had.)

Yes, that’s a ridiculously amazing deal. You might come up with a different offer, but the idea remains the same.

Choose a price point and an offer that makes SENSE for your business and past clients.

What would it take to get them back? What would excite them and motivate them to come back in? What offer would they be CRAZY to pass up on?

As you know, your ultimate goal is to convert them to regular members once their promo expires.

When you’re thinking about your offer and how long they will have to make a decision, be sure to set some parameters by creating scarcity/urgency.

The best/easiest way to do this is to set a deadline. Give them a week or so to say yes – or consider something like making the initial offer on Monday and set Friday as the deadline. (that’s what we did)

As a bonus, you also can extend your offer to include a family member or friend (NINJA!)

Remember the numbers I shared in my previous post that you’re looking for:

  • 10% to 22% Success Rate getting former members back in with your campaign
  • 80% to 90% Success Rate in converting your reactivations back into paying members of your program.


If you already have one, is there a way you can make yours even better or more enticing?

Here’s what you want to decide:

  • What’s included in your reactivation offer?
  • How much will it cost?
  • Which week of each month will you commit to running your reactivation campaign?
  • How long are you going to give them to make a decision on that offer?

Don’t worry about the specific details of HOW you’re going to roll out the offer or what you’re going to say…. we’ll save that for the next few days.

In my next post, I’m going to outline the exact process I personally used (including scripts!) to roll out this campaign to former members.

Sound good!?

Ok, start thinking about your offer and pulling together any resources you’ll be offering (meal plan, travel workouts, etc.) along with it.

Make it a productive day!

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