Part 3: Your Client Reactivation Scripts

The responses from my “surprise” mini master class for creating a Client Reactivation Campaign have been great so far!

Congrats to everyone who has already taken action… and we haven’t even really gotten to the best stuff yet! Here’s an email I got just from someone earlier this week…

This is the third part in a four-part series, so if you haven’t read the first two, you can check them out here:

Part 1: How To Run A Highly Profitable Client Reactivation Campaign (Click Here)
Part 2: How to Determine Your No-Brainer Client Reactivation Offer (Click Here)

Part one and two lay out everything you need to do BEFORE jumping into what can be the most intimidating part of this whole process: actually reaching out to your former members and clients and making them an offer they can’t refuse!

I’m going to put those worries to rest by giving you the exact verbiage we used in my own fitness business. Of course, I recommend using this as a guide and tweaking / rewriting it to make it authentic to you and your brand.

So let’s jump right into Part 3: Your Reactivation Campaign STRUCTURE!

Now that you’ve got your list of people to call, your tracking docs are all set up, and your offer is dialed in, let’s build out the actual framework for your campaign.

Remember the fortune is in the follow-up. You can’t reach out to your past members a single time and expect them to come running back with open arms (though we hope they will!)

In Part 3, you’re going to decide:

  • How many days the campaign will run
  • How many touch points are made, and on which days
  • The type of each touch point (email, phone call, text, facebook message, etc.)
  • Scripts for each individual touch points

I recommending having at LEAST 5 touch points during your campaign.

(For us, our campaign ran Monday through Friday. We presented the offer on Monday, and gave them a deadline of Friday to make their decision.)

Obviously, you’ll build a timeline that works best for YOU and your business.

Let’s break down the framework.

Since the people you’re reaching out to had a personal relationship with you / your team and your business, I believe making a PERSONAL connection first (phone call, or text, or even Facebook message (from a personal profile only), and NOT sending an email out of the gate.

I am a huge fan of reaching out via a phone call because it’s more personal and chances are you’ll get an immediate commitment. While it’s easier to just send an email, making a 1-1 connection can be the key to turning a “maybe” into a “yes.”

But the fact is most people don’t answer their phones anymore. So always follow your instincts when it comes to sending text messages, emails or Facebook messages (FB messages should only be sent from a PERSONAL profile- never the business, too impersonal).

Here’s a proven contact timeline you can model after. (It’s outlined in the Client Reactivation Tracker from part one. If you use the sample sheet, be sure to make a copy so you can edit it.)

  1. Monday: Phone Call (If they don’t answer the call, leave a message and send an email-script for that is below).
  2. Tuesday: Text Message or Facebook Message
  3. Wednesday: Another phone call or text message
  4. Thursday: Facebook Message and email
  5. Friday: Another “last chance” phone call in the morning. (If they don’t answer the phone, leave a message and send a last-ditch email/text/FB message around 4 pm)

Even though it’s highly tempting not to document all your follow-ups, do it anyway! You’ll be glad you have it later (your next lesson will explain why!).

So…time to make a few decisions! Do this now, while it’s fresh in your mind (you can always adjust it later!)

Decision #1: How many days will your Client Reactivation Campaign will run for?
Decision #2: How many touch points will you make (and on which days)?
Decision #3: What type of each touch point will you use (email, phone call, text, facebook message, etc.)?

Once you’ve made those decisions, update your Reactivation Tracker from part one 🙂

Next up… what do you actually say when you make the contact?

Below is a sample call script you can use during your initial contact, and below that is a follow-up email you can send in case you need to leave a voicemail.

Both of these should give you a great starting off point as you build/revamp your client reactivation campaign!


1. SAMPLE Monday Reactivation Phone Call Script:

You: Hi (Client Name)! It’s (Your Name from Your Business)! How are you doing!?

Them: great…and so on….

You: We really miss having you in class!

Them: I miss it too!

You: That’s actually the reason I’m calling… We have a very special VIP promotion going on right now for a small group of people, and you were one of the people I wanted to reach out to! Would you like me to fill you in on the details quickly?

Them: Of course 🙂

You: Great!! Because you used to be a member of (Your Business), we would like to invite you back for YOUR OFFER!

(Tell them about the offer here, everything they’ll be getting, and how it will benefit them.)

AND…we’re even extending this special price to ONE of your friends or family members if you want to invite them to come back with you!

Does that sound good to you??

Them: YES!

You: AWESOME! It’s super-easy, to get set up. I’ll just need to get your updated contact and credit card info in the system, then you can let me know what start date works best for your schedule. Once we have all of that in place, you’ll be all set to go!

(If yes: Get their credit card and other info)

(If no: document reason why, try to overcome objections using your sales training, and let them know that the offer is only good until Friday if they change their mind and want to take advantage of it.)

You: I’m SO excited that you’ll be coming back! What friend or family member would you like to invite to come with you?

(If they HAVE a friend/family, get their contact info and make sure it’s ok if you contact them on their behalf. If they don’t feel comfortable with you reaching out to them directly, make sure they have their friend/family call or email you by x day to get them signed up.)

(If they DON’T have a friend/family, nicely remind them that this is an incredible deal, and it can truly change someone’s life. Let them think about it for a couple of days and let them know they have until x day to change their mind and get one of their friends/family members signed up!)

You: Do you have any questions?

(answer any questions for them)

Great, so you are all set for your start date of _________.

(Share any next steps with them here)

If you have any questions or need anything, call or email me any time!

Have a great day and welcome back!!

2. SAMPLE Monday Reactivation Follow-Up Email (if you didn’t get ahold of them and had to leave a voicemail, here’s a follow-up email you can send!):

Subject Line: Hey First Name!

Hi First Name,

Hope you are doing great!! I just left a voicemail, but I wanted to follow-up and send you the details in an email.

We’ve been missing your smiling face and we’d like to invite you back!! We really loved having you as a part of the Your Business Name Family… and right now, we’re doing a special VIP promotion for a handful of our favorite people.

Here’s the special: Explain the offer, everything they will be getting, and how it will benefit them.

AND … we’re even extending this special price to ONE of your friends or family members if you want to invite them to come back with you!

I just need to hear back from you no later than this Friday, DATE HERE.

As long as I get you signed up and registered by this Friday, I can set you up with whatever start date is best for you!

Please let me know if you have any questions or if you’re ready to get signed up!!

Talk to you soon,

Your Signature


Super simple, right?

Although it can be tempting to wing it, I highly recommend coming up with simple scripts to follow.

Once you’ve made your three decisions (from above), it’s time to BUILD OUT your actual scripts for your campaign!

Homework: Build simple scripts for EACH of your touch points. You’ll create scripts for your phone calls, voicemails, emails, Facebook messages, text messages, and any other form of communication you may have with them.

Take the time to do this ONCE, and you’ll have a reliable campaign that brings past clients back into your business month in and month out.

That’s it for lesson three!

In the fourth (final!) lesson, I’m going to give you some tips to make your reactivation campaign even MORE successful and profitable.

I hope you’re finding this series very helpful for your business! 

Have an amazing rest of your day!

Alicia Streger

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