How To Always Be Growing Your Email List

One of the easiest ways to stay profitable is to ALWAYS be growing your email list …

But unfortunately, growing your list with the RIGHT people isn’t always easy.

And when I say “right” – I’m talking about people who would be a perfect fit for your coaching program (and can afford it).

The biggest mistake I see health and fitness pros make?

They don’t consistently build their audience! Not even close.

They aren’t consistently expanding their base of people who know-love-trust them …

So when they put offers in front of their audience …

It’s always the same people over and over again.

This puts you on the fast track to burning out your list … and it’s also a recipe for stagnation.


Offer a “no-brainer” “I gotta have it” piece of content … like an eBook, guide, mini-training, or another helpful resource to give them in exchange for their email/contact info.

Once it’s created, your goal is to GROW your list by promoting this eBook – whether it’s running lead ads, traffic to a landing page, sharing it in a Facebook group, posting organically on your social profiles, having an affiliate email it out, and the list goes on.

I know you already know what I’m talking about … but are you actually DOING it consistently? 🙂

Here’s the tricky part…

Your lead magnet can’t just be any old content you have laying around that you can give away for free.

Instead, when you create your lead magnet, ask yourself:

  1. Is my ideal client looking for something just like this?
  2. Is it an easy ‘yes’ for them to give me their email address in exchange for this?
  3. And does this set the stage for me to introduce my other programs?

For example, this month’s done-for-you lead magnet inside of The Content Club is a beautifully-designed, professionally written plant-based recipe guide with nurture emails helping people get more plants in their diet.

If your ideal client struggles with their nutrition – or eating enough veggies like 9 out of every 10 people do – this would be a GREAT lead magnet to put in front of them.

Here’s an inside look at the rebrandable Canva template:

Why this works: It solves an immediate problem for them, showcases you as an expert, builds the K-L-T, allows you to lead with value (instead of an offer like everyone else)

And also sets the stage for leading them to take the next step towards their goals with a CLEAR call to action on what to do next!

Marketing boost: As you can see, there are also a couple of client showcase pages where you can highlight client successes and transformations.

This is POWERFUL because you’re showing your prospects that you’ve been able to help people just like them to get REAL results.

Audience building is a staple in my own marketing strategy, and it’s one I work on with all of my coaching clients, too.

If you don’t have time to create your own high-quality lead magnets, The Content Club gives you a new one every single month that you can rebrand as your own so you can always be growing your list.

And if you want to stick to creating your own lead magnets, just remember to ask yourself those three important questions!

Make today amazing,


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