Email Marketing Isn’t Dead… It’s EVOLVING.

You know I am a firm believer in using social media to market and build your business… but today I’m going to mix it up and talk about EMAIL marketing because it’s just as important.

There are a lot of reasons why you absolutely NEED an email strategy. If you ask most marketing experts, they’ll tell you that growing your email list – and nurturing it – is a cornerstone of building a strong and healthy business.

Here are three reasons why reaching beyond social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) is so important:

  1. YOU OWN YOUR LIST! Relying solely on only a platform owned by another company (like FB and Instagram) to reach your customers can be dangerous because you have no control over the actions that company might take. You have control when you own your assets. So no matter what social media may throw your way, you’ll always OWN your list.
  2. When Facebook wants to get in touch with you, what do they do? They send you an email. Digital marketing expert Ryan Deiss reminded me of this at the 10X event I attended back in February. Email isn’t going anywhere, it’s EVOLVING. You just have to make your stuff good enough for people to open.
  3. More people are STILL using email on a regular basis. In fact, “DMA Insight shows that 99% of us check email every day. For some, that’s as many as 20 times a day.” And take a look at these stats:
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Email still carries tremendous power … for your customers, prospects, and you and your business!

While MOST businesses are emailing their list with promotions and offers, your email marketing strategy gives you yet another way to stand out from your competition!

Your email marketing strategy helps you:

  • EDUCATE & ENTERTAIN your community. (Ryan Lee calls it “edutainment”)
  • Build “FRONT-OF-MIND” awareness about your business. Over time, your community will automatically think about you and your business when it comes to fitness, health, and wellness.
  • Provide a level of intimacy that gets lost on social media. Even though you are writing to your entire list, you also are having a 1-1 dialogue with each person who reads your message.
  • Establish the KNOW, LOVE, and TRUST (aka the “KLT factor”) with your community. That’s a precursor to them signing up to become your client (or referring their friends/loved ones to you).

What does all of this lead up to!?


Here’s the downfall…

Creating email content on a regular basis takes a TON of time. It also takes a lot of planning and requires a lot of follow-through.

I know you have 5 million things to do in your business, and that’s exactly why I want to take your EMAIL MARKETING off your plate FOR YOU.

I know how impactful it can be for you and your business, and I know that most business owners don’t have the time to do it the RIGHT way.

Well, it’s finally happening! I’ve just launched the Content & Social Media Club, a done-for-you content program that’s PACKED with plug-and-play email newsletter and nurture emails (oh and also social media content, lead magnets, and more) that you can use to:

  1. Grow your email list (lead magnets/opt-ins)
  2. Nurture your email list (email newsletters!)
  3. Share on any social media platform
  4. Create videos
  5. Use on your website
  6. And so much more!

Click here to get REGISTERED NOW!

Hope you have an AMAZING day!

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