The Cat Is Out Of The Bag. (time sensitive)

It’s HAPPENING! I’ve been keeping a little secret from you… and today I’m letting the cat out of the bag!

But first I want to talk to you about your CONTENT and why it’s so important to have a PLAN in place for nurturing your email list and building a strong presence online.

I know you’re busy and sometimes creating content seems like the LAST thing you have time for.

Your current members and prospective clients are busy, too – and if you’re not making a regular effort to stay “front of mind” and continually build and nurture your relationship with them…

You’re missing out on the opportunity to help a lot more people and are leaving a lot of money on the table.

That’s why having a plan is KEY.

Consistently staying in touch with your community via email and social media will separate you from the fly-by-night trainers/coaches – and it will solidify you as a trusted source of expertise.

When you have a content strategy, EVERYTHING changes. Your content will no longer be an afterthought…. but turn into a powerful way of connecting with your ideal clients and consistently drive qualified prospects into your business.

Using a well thought-out system helps you free up time, energy and gets rid of so much stress!

Which leads me to my EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT…

For years, people have been asking me for Done-For-You Content for their email lists AND social media platforms. They’ve been using my Facebook Group content and they want MORE.

Well…. I’ve been listening, and IT’S HAPPENING!

I just launched my brand new Content & Social Media Club for Fitness Pros and Health Coaches – your go-to source for MONTHLY done-for-you email newsletters, lead magnets, social media content, and MORE!

It contains EVERYTHING you need to grow and nurture your email list AND consistently grow your presence on social media (yes, even your Facebook Fan Pages!). Each and every month, you’ll get plug and play:

  • List Builders & Lead Magnets
  • List Building Nurture Sequences
  • Email Newsletters
  • Social Proof & Email Marketing Templates
  • Unique and ENGAGING Social Media Content (not just quotes and fluff!)
  • Facebook Live Video Scripts
  • and lots More!

And this is just the beginning! I couldn’t be more excited.

My mission with the Content & Social Media Club is to save you a massive amount of time, energy, and stress…. and the mental bandwidth it takes to consistently create engaging high-quality content.

Imagine how much time you’ll free up, and how much LESS stress you’ll have to know you don’t have to worry about your email and social media content anymore.

With content checked off your list, you’ll finally have the time to do the things you love the most and will be able to focus on taking care of your clients and your 5%!

Click here to sign up! <—-

Make it a productive day,

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