The 4 Emails You MUST SEND To Your Subscribers…

A couple of days ago, I sent you an email about the power of email and why it’s still incredibly important to:

Continue to grow your email list AND regularly nurture (send emails) to your list.

It boils down this: if you rely solely on social media, you’re allowing another company (like Facebook or Instagram) to have huge control over how you communicate with your followers.

They own the platform you’re using – and the algorithms that control who sees your posts.

But with email, you OWN your list and have full control over it.

People ask me all of the time… “Alicia, what should I send my list?”

Simple. Once someone joins your email list, they’ve “raised their hand” and are letting you know they WANT to hear more from you!

This is your chance to WOW your subscribers and turn them into raving fans who KNOW, LOVE and TRUST you (the famous “KLT Factor”)… and ultimately, transform them into your clients.

You do this by creating a “Welcome Series” of emails to nurture your new prospects.

There are FOUR MUST-HAVE EMAILS in this series. Before I outline them, there’s one thing to keep in mind …

… these emails should be about YOUR PROSPECT and THEIR WANTS/NEEDS/PAIN POINTS and not about YOU or YOUR BUSINESS.

People are bombarded with so many emails on a daily basis, so in order to stand out, you NEED to show them how you can SOLVE PROBLEMS for them.

The 4 Must-Have Emails:

1. YOUR NINJA WELCOME MESSAGE: Your first email is a brief “welcome” message. This email gets sent immediately after the signup, saying “hello!” All you do in this email is introduce yourself and briefly tell your readers what they can expect from you in the future. Let them know why you’re different, and reinforce their decision to join your email list!

Then, you’ll want to deliver one NINJA tip. Something they won’t expect. Maybe it’s an eye-opening stat. Maybe you’re rocking their world by proving something they’ve always thought to be true, false. Maybe you’re sharing a top-secret family recipe.

If the reason they joined your email list (most likely) was that they opted in for a lead magnet / piece of content, then be sure to deliver that content! (and you can skip the ninja tip!)

Whatever it is, do SOMETHING to stand out and wow them. Be sure to end with a “thank you” and simple call to action: “Join my Facebook community for even more tips and strategies,” or “Follow me on Instagram.”

2. BUILD THE VALUE & TRUST: In this second email, add even MORE value, by offering them a useful freebie.

What you offer depends on your business. You could send them a free class pass, a checklist, workout planner, shopping list guide, whatever makes sense for you and your business. If you’ve offered workshops or other educational materials in the past, chances are with a few tweaks you can create a downloadable freebie offering the same information. Links to videos work great here also.

Whatever it is, it should be useful and valuable – the effort you put in up-front to create it will pay off later! (HINT: Make sure you tell them WHY it’s useful/valuable or what problem it will solve for them!)

Again, ALWAYS end with some kind of call-to-action. You can make it this one a little juicier than the last one.

3. STAND OUT WITH EDUTAINMENT. In your third email, offer them education, motivation, or success tips in a fun way and let your personality shine! An easy way to do this is by sharing a STORY!

Make this unique to you and your brand/niche. If you primarily specialize in working moms, young athletes or active seniors, make sure the method will resonate with them and helps them with a UNIQUE problem!

For instance, if you cater to busy executives, you could offer a freebie outlining how to order lunch at a restaurant without making it look like they’re “eating healthy.”

And don’t forget your call to action at the end.

4. DRIVE IT HOME. The final email you MUST send is a call-to-action email, offering to HELP them with your expertise.

This email should first include a compelling introduction detailing your understanding of their problem (not enough time to work out, not sure what to eat for their goals, etc. – whatever makes sense for your niche!). This is even more powerful with a story!

Then, dig in a little to their pain points, and help them to connect with an EMOTION about their problem. When people “feel” something, they will be more likely to take action.

After you’ve proven that you understand where they’re at and what kind of pain they’re in…. Show them that you have a SOLUTION to help them with their exact problem.

You can offer them a free success session, a phone consultation, or whatever makes sense for YOU and YOUR BUSINESS.

Yes, getting those emails written and automated (along with the lead magnet and freebies!) takes a TON of time, energy and creativity… but it is PROVEN method that will grow your business.

But here’s the thing…

It’s one thing to KNOW what you need to do, and another thing to have the TIME and RESOURCES to actually get them done the right way.

It’s frustrating! I have been there, so I understand completely.

That’s why I have been working SO HARD behind the scenes to create a program that’s designed to help you with your email marketing, lead generation, (and all your social media content, too!).

Recently, I’ve opened up the doors to my BRAND NEW Content & Social Media Club!

It’s done-for-you monthly content that’s PACKED with plug-and-play email newsletter and nurture emails (plus a full slate of social media content, lead magnets, and more) that you can use to:

  1. Grow your email list (lead magnets/opt-ins)
  2. Nurture your email list (email newsletters!)
  3. Boost your social media following (content for your Facebook Fan Page, Instagram, etc.)
  4. Connect more deeply with your prospects (Video Scripts for live or prerecorded videos)
  5. CONVERT your subscribers & followers into clients! (with powerful call to actions embedded in the content!)
  6. And so much more!

If you’re interested in getting more info about the Content & Social Media Club, you can check it out below…..

→Get more info about the Content & Social Media Club by Clicking HERE

Hope you have an AMAZING day,

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