I Sold My Business

I’ve got a pretty big announcement today… I SOLD my 3 locations of Forte Fitness in Central Florida three months ago.  I was waiting until the official transition period was over (which was yesterday) to make the announcement.   Over the years, I’ve built my group and personal training business to help other people transform their … Read more

My ONE-Sentence Mindset Shift To Explode Sales

I used to hate sales. All I wanted to do was train people. As a business owner, I quickly came to realize that you can be the BEST trainer in the world, but if you have no clients, you can't help a single person reach their goals. "Selling" is the only way to get there….it's … Read more

It Hit The Fan…And What I Did About It

2015 has been a whirlwind for my fitness business. I’m calling it our “Year of Transformation.” One of my trainers who’s been with me for over 3 years (used to be a client) left us early January for a secretarial position. Another one of my veteran trainers decided not to show up to class (multiple … Read more

Stop Talking, Start Doing

That was the name of a book I walked past at the airport on my way home from California. Caught my eye: “Stop Talking, Start Doing – A Kick in the Pants in 6 Parts.” So I picked it up and read this on the first page: No more “doing for the sake of doing.” … Read more