How to Keep Clients Motivated After A Transformation Challenge

I got an email a couple of weeks ago from an awesome fitness pro who asked me:

“How do you keep clients motivated AFTER their transformation challenge is over?”

This is a really great question….

Clients get FIRED-UP and are highly motivated for their 21, 28, or 42-day challenge…

However after it’s over, some clients FLIP OFF their motivation ‘switch” because:

63593__13357526181. Clients feel like they’ve already accomplished their challenge goals (and have not set any new ones)


2. They fell short of their challenge goals and feel defeated

There are a few strategies I love that will help to keep clients motivated and on track once their challenge is over.

Top 9 Things to Keep Clients Motivated After a Transformation Challenge:

#1: Have Clients Set NEW Personal Goals:

The MOST important thing you can do is have them create new short term-goals. Sounds simple, but MOST fitness business owners are forgetting to do this.

3da012e480a2e94acbc7571e46e6ed98One of the reason challenges are great in the first place is because there’s a short-term, achievable end point.

Aside from the tools and resources they get, they feel like they can accomplish something real and achievable.

Have your clients reassess their goals for the next 30-days, and then hold them accountable!

(Make sure to set both workout AND nutrition related goals – and also make sure they have a plan to reach their goals.) You can even schedule a post-challenge Goal Setting Workshop to create leverage and do it as a group!

Once their goals are set, your job is not over. Make sure you have a weekly or bi-weekly check-in system in place so you can remember to follow-up and make sure your clients stay on track.

#2: Schedule their Next Assessment Date:

This goes hand-in-hand with goal setting. Once clients have their new goals, they need a “new” end-point.

If clients KNOW they’re getting measured again in 30 days, they’ll be more likely to stick to the plan.

#3: Give them More Resources:

Challenges are great because you’ve given them all of the tools they need to be successful! However once the challenge is over, you can absolutely keep it going in a less structured way.

Consider giving them an “After the Challenge” guide, which gives clients a few recipes and guidelines on how to maintain their results.

For example, after my 6-Week Little Black Dress Project was over, I gave my clients an “LBD Freedom Plan” which was a simple guide on how to structure their meals to continue making progress.

#4: Start an Accountability Group or Assign them an Accountability Partner:

Rick Streb is the MASTER at this. Fat Loss Accountability Groups (FLAGS) are one of his pillars in his Nutrition Profits System.

Check it out if accountability groups are something you’re thinking about.

In fact, Rick pulls in an additional $57,000 per YEAR with his accountability group. (Click Here to learn more about it <—)

#5. Weekly Client Challenges in your Facebook Group:

This will educate your clients and help to motivate them at the same time!

For extra accountability, make sure to TAG some of your clients each week (tag different people each week to keep it fun so no one feels left out!)

If you want some sone-for-you challenges, you can check them out by clicking here

#6: WIN Friday’s!

Each Friday, tag some clients in your Facebook group and ask them to share their win for the week!

#7. Have Clients Create Personal “Incentives” for Reaching their New Goals:

For example: After I attend 12 workouts in February, I’m going to book myself a 60 minute massage!”

And….for some (definitely not all) it also works to have a “penalty.” For example: If I don’t attend 12 workouts in February, I’m going to donate an extra $200 to Make-a-Wish Foundation”.

(It’s win-win for the charity, and also if the client is already donating money each month, this goes above and beyond what they normally would give, so it’s a little bit of a “sting.”

Again- this is GREAT for some personality types, but not all….and the penalty needs to be personalized based on the client.)

#8. Check their Food Journals on Friday:

Always offer – this can be part of your accountability group structure as well (paid or unpaid).

Friday is great because you can celebrate their success from Mon-Friday and keep them focused as their weekend approaches.

#9: Remember to Continue the Personal Touches:

Personal phone calls, texts, and emails go a LONG way. Remember to schedule those “random” touches.

Hope you’ve got a few new great ideas on how to keep your clients motivated after their challenges are over!

Make it a productive day,

P.S. If you’re looking for done-for-you challenges that are proven to get results, I happen to have 3 of them for you! Little Black Dress Project, 28-Day Transformation Challenge, 10-Day Detox

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