5 Biggest Mistakes In Client Onboarding

How confident are you about your New Client Onboarding flow?

For most coaches, onboarding just means filling out forms, taking payment, and checking off a bunch of boxes…

But an intentional, well-thought-out onboarding process massively affects your clients’ success in your program …

and how they feel about working with you (which, of course, affects retention and referrals, too!).

I’ve personally audited hundreds of new client onboarding flows over the last few years, and there always seems to be a few KEY things missing from many of them.

This is my own personal take, and I believe that any great coaching program should include these elements:


Whether it’s a handwritten card, a thoughtful welcome package, a bonus coaching session, or an unexpected resource… going the extra mile to say, “We appreciate you!” goes a long way when a client first signs up.

This is a VERY easy way to make clients feel supported and cared for and start your relationship off on the right foot!

And if you’re thinking…

“Alicia, I’m too busy to put something like this together for every single client!”

I hear you, but I’m also going to challenge you to systemize this so that being “busy” isn’t an excuse.

That means handing this task over to an assistant or VA, or automating reminders for yourself in a CRM platform each time you sign up a new client.

It’s important to remember this isn’t JUST for when a new client signs up … but also during strategic times throughout their journey with you.


It might sound counterintuitive, but all the tools & tech we have at our disposal can help us add an even greater level of PERSONAL touch to our client experience.

How? It’s super easy.

Set up automated reminders in your CRM or task management platform to PERSONALLY check in with them during their first 90 days and beyond.

That way, you don’t leave it up to chance, and everyone feels taken care of.

Bonus tip: make sure you’re keeping updates for each client in their profile.


Your clients are coming to you for RESULTS… period.

How are you systematically goal-setting & holding them accountable to those goals?

One way to do it is to use a habit tracker.

Even a weekly Friday post in your group and tagging them to share their progress, or scheduling regular check-in calls will work.

Do what works for YOU… but make sure you’re consistent and that your system WORKS.


Ever had a client who blew up your phone at ALL hours of the day? Even at night?

Well, unless you provided clear guidelines and outlined how you’ll be supporting them… it’s NOT their fault.

That’s why it’s SUPER important to set expectations and boundaries right off the bat.

I also highly recommend going over it with them AND having this all written down somewhere that they can easily access it!


I can’t tell you how many coaches out there are AMAZING at what they do… but don’t have a shred of social proof. SO SAD!

It’s not only important for tracking progress/results and client motivation … but it’s also very important for your marketing!

This could take the form of before and after photos, screenshots of wins and successes, reviews and testimonials, and the list goes on.

When you do it right, having a social proof strategy baked into your onboarding process should feel very natural – not uncomfortable or pushy.

So… what do you think?

Which one of these are YOU missing that you can implement this week?

It may feel like more work up front, but the payoff to keep clients happy and renewing with you (& referring their friends!) is HUGE.

I hope this was helpful! Lots more good stuff to come 🙂

Make it a productive day,


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